• Section: How To
  • Last updated: July 16, 2019, 4:48 p.m.

Rental Properties


It is easy to use your AccountEdge Pro or Basic to track your Rental Properties. There are a few steps involved with setting up your company file to track the Profits and Losses for each of your Rental Properties.

Let’s use the following example to set up a company file to track Rental Properties: A company owns 3 rental properties. One is a building with a Store-Front on the first floor and an apartment on the second floor. The second property is an apartment complex with 2 buildings with 4 units in each building. The third property is a mini mall with 3 small stores. The company would like to have AccountEdge track Profits and Losses for each of their Rental Properties.

Create a Jobs List for the Company

How to create a Jobs List

  1. Go to the Lists menu and select Jobs list
  2. A Jobs list window will appear, select New at the bottom of that window
  3. Enter the either Header Job or Detail Job (Header jobs are available in AccountEdge Pro, only)
  4. Enter the Item number, the Sub-Job, and the Item Name
  5. Enter in other necessary information

Note: A Header Job is non-postable and its only function is to calculate a total for all related detail jobs. A Sub-job can only be a Header Job. This feature is available in AccountEdge Pro only.

Below is what the Jobs list for our example should look like:

Job No.NameType
01235 Main Street (building)Header
01-AStore Front-First FloorDetail
021698 Roosevelt Avenue (Apt Complex)Header
02-ABuilding AHeader
02-A-100Apt #A100Detail
02-A-101Apt #A101Detail
02-A-102Apt #A102Detail
02-A-103Apt #A103Detail
02-BBuilding BHeader
02-B-105Apt #B105Detail
02-B-106Apt #B106Detail
02-B-107Apt #B107Detail
02-B-108Apt #B108Detail
0327 Bridge Street (Mini Mall)Header
03-1Store #1Detail
03-2Store #2Detail
03-3Store #3Detail

Now, that you have created the jobs, another piece of information that we would like to capture or track is the rent or lease for each one of these properties.

Create an Item for each type of property rent.

Create an item for each type of property and enter the selling price as the amount of the rent or lease. For Example: The Item number will be Studio Apartment Rent, 1 Bedroom Apartment Rent, 2 Bedroom Apartment Rent, Store Rent, etc.

How to create an item

  1. Go to the Inventory command center and select Items list
  2. Select the New button and the Item Information window will appear
  3. The Profile tab is already selected
  4. Enter the Item Number
  5. Enter the Item Name
  6. Select "I sell" (in AccountEdge Pro) and enter the income account for the rent or lease. Note: You do not need to have a separate income account for each type of property. You can link the same income account for each property and call it Rent/Lease Income as we are tracking the details of exactly how much through the jobs feature
  7. Select the Sales tab and enter the Selling price as the amount of the rent or lease
  8. Select the OK button to close the Item Information window

Create Customer Cards for each tenant

How to create a Customer card

  1. Go to the Card File command center
  2. Select Card List
  3. Select the Customer tab, then the New button located at the bottom of that window
  4. A Card Information window will appear displaying the Profile tab
  5. Enter the personal information for the tenant
  6. Select each tab and enter in the vital information for your tenant
  7. Select OK to close the Card Information window

Now, your file is set up to track the profit and loss of each rental property.

Important information: When recording any transaction that is associated with a Rental Property, be sure to assign each line item of each transaction to the job that represents that property. You can record an invoice for each property to charge the tenants rent. When you record an invoice for the rent for the first time, you can set up a recurring transaction for each Property. You can easily set up a schedule to automatically record the rent when the rent is due.

Create Recurring Transactions for the monthly rent

How to create a Recurring Transaction

  1. Enter the transaction you require. Make sure that all of the information needed is entered.
  2. Assign each line to a job.
  3. Before you record the transaction, select the Save As Recurring button.
  4. Enter in the desired schedule.
  5. When finished, record the transaction.
  6. To access these recurring transactions, go to the List menu and select Recurring Transactions.

Get reports based on each Rental Property

How to get reports by Jobs

  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Index to Reports.
  2. Select the Accounts Tab and then scroll down to the Jobs section.
  3. There you can choose from a variety of reports that will report based on the Jobs you have created and assigned the transactions to.
  4. Select the Profit and Loss report and select display.
  5. This will show you if you are making or loosing money on each Rental Property for a specific time period.