• Section: Inventory
  • Last updated: June 20, 2019, 7:39 p.m.

Build Items

The AccountEdge Inventory feature allows you to build items comprising other inventory components. There are two ways to build inventory items: Build Items and Auto-Build Items. Both features have the following requirements:

  • The components of built items must be inventoried items (I inventory this item must becheck marked for the components)
  • The components must have positive on-hand quantities (you must have the components in inventory

Build Items

You can immediately build items by selecting Build Items. In the Build Itemswindow:

  • Indicate the item number of the item to be built
  • Indicate a Quantity, but leave the Unit Cost and Amounts fields blank
  • On the line(s) that follow, enter the component items to build the built item. The Unit Costand Amounts should be filled in by AccountEdge (if known); the quantities and values (amounts)should be negative
  • When you're finished, AccountEdge will display an out of balance amount; enter this value in theAmount field of the built item (as a positive number)
  • The out of balance amount will now be zero; you can click Record to complete build(transaction)
With this transaction, you are removing the components from inventory, consuming them to create a built item. The built item must already be defined as an inventoried item in the Inventory subsystem.

Auto-Build Items

Auto-Build Items exist in the Inventory subsystem, and are defined as such by having a list of components required to build the items. They

  • Must be inventoried (I Inventory this item); the results of an Auto-Build needs to be placed in inventory
  • May be Sold (I Sell this item); you most likely will be selling the item, but this is optional nonetheless
  • May be Bought (I Buy this item); if you get busy, you may want to outsource the building of the item

To define an Auto-Built item

  1. Create a new item as you would any other
  2. Indicate you Inventory the item and fill in the Inventory account
  3. Optionally indicate the Buy and Sell accounts, and fill in other fields as you would for any item
  4. Click the Auto-Build tab
    • (Optionally) indicate a quantity level for a restocking alert
    • Line for line, enter the components and quantities of the components required to build 1 item you are defining
    • Click OK when you are finished
You have defined this new item as a built item comprising the components you've indicated. When youclick the Auto-Build button, your item will be listed, along with its on-hand quantity,quantity promised on customer orders, net on hand, and quantity to build. When you need to build this item, simply indicate a quantity to build, and when you click Build Items AccountEdgewill display a completed Build Items window. You click Build and the components will beconsumed to build the item, which will be placed in inventory.


  • Built and Auto-Built items cannot be built unless their components are identified as inventoried items, and there is a positive value in inventory
  • A restocking alert will be generated when the item's inventory count falls below the restockingvalue. This alert will be generated for the Auto-Built item, not its components. You must checkthe on-hand quantity of its components to determine if additional Auto-Build items can be built.
  • Restocking Alerts also appear in the To Do List under the Stock tab