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  • Section: Inventory
  • Last updated: June 24, 2019, 3:37 p.m.

Unit of Measure


AccountEdge allows you to set items up so that they have both a set number of items per buying unit and a set number of items per selling unit. This allow you to do things like buy 1 case of soda (12 cans) and then sell individual cans of soda.

You will find these details in the Selling Details and Buying Details of the item respectively.

Possible Issues

What this means is that if you set up an item with 12 items per buying unit you can run into trouble if you ever purchase in lower quantities (ie: maybe one Vendor you buy from sells in 6 packs of cans vs. 12 packs). There are different ways to handle this including:

  • Setting up different items
  • Adjusting the quantity you purchase (ie: buying .5 twelve packs will give you 1 six pack)
  • Creating the item with the lowest common denominator of the item (ie: if you ever buy soda buy the can - set up the number of items per buying unit as 1)

This video outlines the different options and the Pros and Cons of each: