• Section: Merchant Services
  • Last updated: May 21, 2019, 1:07 p.m.

Invalid Hash - Regenerate Hash

System Time

Typically what this error indicates, is that your computer system time clock is not set up or updated to what the actual time is for your region. Try comparing the time on your computer to a smart phone. Or see what Google says for the exact time for your location. Normally if it is off by a few minutes or more, this "Invalid Hash" error can be generated.

If the system clock time is off, you would want to correct this. If you are not familiar with changing the time on your system, it would be suggested to look at either Microsoft's Support Site or Apple's Support site for assistance.

Merchant Credential Issues

Additionally, this message could also mean that your API and/or Secure Transaction Key from your Merchant Account is invalid in your Merchant Setup in AccountEdge. This information is found by going under: Setup>Credit Card Processing>Setup Credit Card Processing.