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  • Section: Multiple Currencies
  • Last updated: July 11, 2019, 5:49 p.m.

Exchange Rates - Transaction Level

To change the exchange rate in a sales or purchase transaction, edit the transaction and click on the foreign currency icon and change the exchange rate. (The transaction must be in the current fiscal year.)

Change the exchange rate in a transaction window

  1. Calculate the exchange rate first using the Currency Calculator. See Using the Currency Calculator below
  2. Open a foreign currency transaction window. You can record foreign currency transactions for:
    • sales, invoice payments, and settle returns & credits
    • purchases, bill payments, and settle returns & debits
    • banking transactions and general journal entries
  3. Click Rate at the bottom of the transaction window
  4. Type the new exchange rate in the Transaction Exchange Rate field. This will only affect the transaction that is currently displayed
  5. If you want to change the exchange rate for all future transactions that use this currency, select the Update Current Exchange Rate in the Currency List with Transaction Exchange Rate option
  6. Click OK

Change the default exchange rate

  1. Calculate the exchange rate first using the Currency Calculator. See Using the Currency Calculator below
  2. From any command center, go to the Lists menu and select Currencies. The Currencies List window appears
  3. Select the currency entry you want to modify and click Edit. (Alternatively, click the zoom arrow next to the currency name.) The Currency Information window (Currency Profile view) appears
  4. Modify the fields as required and click OK
  5. Click Close to exit the Currencies List window

Currency Calculator

To access the Currency Calculator from any window in your software: go to the Help menu at the top of the screen and choose Currency Calculator.