• Section: Networking
  • Last updated: June 19, 2019, 4:34 p.m.

Cannot See Company Files in Company File Browser

Troubleshooting the Company File Browser

First verify that you have highlighted a host machine in the list of hosts on the left side of the browser window. If you had previously used a connection document and then try to open Network Edition through the program, the default on the Company File Browser screen is none...no host is selected.

If you have selected a host, and the company files list is blank, check to see if there's a scroll bar and whether the bar is scrolled to the bottom. If the scroll bar is at the bottom, scroll up and the files should appear.

If you had previously selected a host that had numerous files and you selected a company file down at the bottom of the list, you will have to refresh the list up if you select a host with just a few files the next time you access the Company File Browser window.

Using a Firewall

AccountEdge Network Edition requires access to your network to be able to connect workstations to the host machine. If you use a Firewall you would need to set the port you wanted to have AccountEdge connect through.

You can do this by:

  1. Go to the Apple > System Preferences > AccountEdge
  2. Click on the Port Number tab
  3. Enter the Port Number you wish to use and then click "apply"

After this you would need to configure your Firewall to allow traffic through that Port otherwise you will not be able to see the data file.

Further information is available here.

Multiple Networks

If your computer is set up to use multiple networks (i.e.: if you have a Wi-Fi connection as well as an Ethernet connection) you need to make sure that any AccountEdge workstations are on the same network as your host machine. When connecting to a different network you will not be able to see the host machine.