• Section: Purchases
  • Last updated: July 17, 2019, 12:51 p.m.

Create a Backorder

Initial steps to create a backorder

  1. Open AccountEdge and your Company File
  2. Click on the “Purchases” Module located at the top of your window
  3. Click on the “Purchases Register” blue button
  4. Click on the “Orders” tab located at the top of the window
  5. Click the white arrow located to the left of the order that you received a partial shipment on
  6. Click on the “Actions” button located at the lower left corner of the yellow area
  7. Within this pop-up menu click on “Create Bill”

At this point you will have your “Order” with all of its items converted to a “Bill” but it is not recorded yet. At this point please follow these steps to put the items you did not receive on “Backorder”, meaning they will continue to be on an “Order” as opposed to on a “Bill”.

Followup steps

  1. Click into the quantity field for the first column labeled “Bill”
  2. Delete the quantity from this field and either, Enter the actual amount you have received on this shipment or Press the “Tab” key on your keyboard and leave the field blank

By doing this your “Backorder” column should now show the quantity of how many items are not being received on this shipment from your vendor.

After going through your list of items and correcting the quantities that were actually received versus how many are not being received, you can then click on the “Record” button in the lower right corner of this “Bill”.

By follow these steps you will have created a separate invoice for your items that were received and the items that showed a quantity in the “Backorder” column will be on the original “Purchase Order” that they started on.