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  • Section: Reports & Forms
  • Last updated: June 26, 2019, 5:08 p.m.

Jobs Budget Analysis Report

Adjusted Budget Column in the Jobs Budget Analysis Report

The Adjusted Budget Column is a calculation AccountEdge makes, based upon the Percentage Complete value entered on the Job Information window.

If you have not entered a percent complete on the Job Information window, this column will always be BLANK. The Budget Analysis Report is not meaningful at all without percent complete for the job. The Budget Analysis Report is also not meaningful if you haven't entered a Budget for the job.

  • To get meaningful results for this report, edit Jobs from Lists > Jobs List.
  • In the Job Profile window, enter the percent complete you believe this job has reached.

When the Budget Analysis report is run, you will see five columns:

  • Budget: The amount you had entered in the Job Budget screen for the listed account
  • Adjusted Budget: This figure is based on the percent complete in the Job Information window. If you have 50% complete, then Adjusted Budget will show 50% of your budgeted amount.
  • Actual: The amount that you have actually recorded (consumed from budget) in AccountEdge.
  • Difference: Actual Adjusted Budget
  • Difference: Is the Difference represented in percentage.

If you had an income budget of $2,000.00, and indicated the job was 50% complete, but you received an income of only $750.00, the report would show:

  • Budget: $2,000.00
  • Adjusted Budget: $1,000.00 (what we should have received at 50% of the original budget)
  • Actual: $750.00
  • Difference: ($250.00)
  • %Difference: (25%), which means you received 75% of what you should have received at this point (with 50% of job complete)