• Section: Reports & Forms
  • Last updated: June 27, 2019, 6:24 p.m.

Reporting on 7 Fiscal Years

AccountEdge 2016 has introduced the ability to report on 7 Fiscal Years (The Next Year, The Current Year, and the 5 Previous Years).

This means that when upgrading a file from a previous version of AccountEdge the following will happen (as we cannot reconstruct previous fiscal years beyond the last):

  • For Profit & Loss Accounts all Fiscal Years years beyond the last will show up as zero
  • For Balance Sheet Accounts all Fiscal Years beyond the last will show up as the same number as the previous Fiscal Year

Example - If the file that you upgrade is in Fiscal Year 2013 you will see zeroes in all accounts when running a Profit and Loss for Fiscal Years 2008-2011. Fiscal Year 2012 and forward would show proper amounts. When running a Balance Sheet for Fiscal Years 2008-2011 you will see whatever the value in the account is as of the beginning of Fiscal Year 2012.

This means that anything that has been purged before upgrading the data is going to show up as zero. Anything that is purged after upgrading the data file to the 2016 will effect the report (even if the transaction itself is no longer in the file).

This video has further information on how this works: