• Section: Reports & Forms
  • Last updated: Jan. 2, 2020, 4:37 p.m.

Using OpenOffice to Open AccountEdge Reports

OfficeLink is used for sending reports to Excel for further customization. Unfortunately the OfficeLink feature only works with Microsoft Excel.

If you do not own Excel, you can use the free, open source OpenOffice for opening up reports saved as text from AccountEdge.

You can download and install this free office suite by visiting OpenOffice

The following video shows you how to use OpenOffice to open exported reports from AccountEdge. How to Use Open Office to Open AccountEdge Reports

It's recommended that you export your reports as Tab Separated by selecting the option from the Send To menu on the bottom of the report.

Once you have saved the report as a text file, the important step in opening the report with the OpenOffice Calc application is to find the exported file, right mouse click on the file and choose Open With. Then select OpenOffice Calc.

If you first launch OpenOffice and use the File Open menu, it will see that this is a text file and attempt to open this in their text editor application (similar to Word) which will not preserve the formatting. So it's important to use the Open With option.

Once you use Open With, a wizard will be displayed where you can check to make sure that the setting Tab Delimited is selected is the only 'separator' that is used.

Then choose OK to open the file in OpenOffice.

If you are planning on sending this report to someone who does not use OpenOffice, you may wish to save this spreadsheet as one of the Excel formats which although are older formats, can be opened by newer versions of Office.