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  • Last updated: May 23, 2019, 4:27 p.m.

Modernization of Audit Techniques Act

Important Notice

Québec businesses may need to comply with the Modernization of Audit Techniques Act of Québec. When complying with this act, owners of Québec businesses are unable to edit or delete recored transactions.

To comply with the act, check mark Québec Audit Compliance when you create a new company file or when you open your upgraded company file. Once selected, recorded transactions CANNOT be edited or deleted. This setting is meant ONLY for Québec businesses that need to comply with the act. When this option is selected, it will remove the security preference (Setup > Preferences > Security) Transactions can't be changed they must be reversed.

If you accidentally selected this option in your company file and want to turn it off, contact AccountEdge Customer Care at 800.322.6962.

In older versions of AccountEdge in order to install the appropriate files to comply with the regulations, you must choose the custom install option and select the Québec Support in addition to the Easy Installation components. In custom installation, Québec customers would select Québec Support.