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  • Last updated: July 1, 2019, 4:34 p.m.

Progress Billing


The Progress Billing feature allows users to create Invoices from Quotes by billing for the remaining amount of the Quote, for a percentage of the Quote, for a percentage of each line item, or the quantity, rate, amount of each line item.

AccountEdge will track the amounts previously billed for subsequent billings.

What Types of Companies Can Use Progress Billing?

While any type of company could use the feature, it's ideally suited for:

  • Construction
  • Architects
  • Landscapers
  • Interior Designers
  • IT Systems Providers
  • Consultants
  • Trainers
  • Project Managers

Progress Billing Overview Video

We created a video that gives an overarching view of the Progress Billing feature and how it can be used:

How to Create a Progress Quote

To create a Progress Billing Quote:

  1. Go to the Sales command center and select Enter Sales
  2. Select Progress Billing Quote (upper left-hand corner) and enter all desired information
  3. Click Save Quote

View a Progress Billing Quote

You can view a Progress Billing Quote by going to the Sales Register and selecting the Quotes tab. Click on the arrow/double-arrow next to the quote you wish to view.

Manage Progress Billing Quotes

You can manage Progress Billing Quotes by:

  1. Follow the above instructions to open a Progress Billing Quote
  2. From the Action Menu in the bottom left corner of the Quote select from a list of Progress Billing actions:
    • Create An Order
    • An Invoice
    • Save the Progress Billing Quote as a Recurring Transaction
    • Add Reimbursable Expenses (need to associate with a Job)
    • Create a Purchase Order
    • View Progress Billing Information
    • View linked Invoices

When displaying an Invoice created from a Progress Billing Quote, you can display Progress Billing Information by clicking on the Action Menu. This is the only way to determine an Invoice was created from a Progress Billing Quote.

A Progress Billing Transactions report is available under the heading of Other Sales Reports in the Sales section of the Index to Reports.