• Section: Sales
  • Last updated: July 1, 2019, 4:29 p.m.

Refund from Multiple Credit Memos

To Create one Refund Check for several Customer Credit Memos

You can use the following procedure to pay multiple credits, issued to the same customer, with one check.

  1. In the Accounts Command Center, select Accounts List
  2. Select the New button to create a bank account called Draw. Select the Account Classification Asset and the Account Type Bank. Use an account number that will correspond with your other Bank accounts listed.
  3. Select OK to close the window
  4. Go to the Sales Command Center and select Sales register
  5. Select the Returns & Credits tab
  6. Highlight the Credit and select the Pay Refund button to pay each credit
  7. The Settle Returns and Refunds window opens. Select the following details:
    1. In the Account field, select the new Draw account you created in Step 2 (above).
    2. Select Other as the Payment Method.
    3. In the Check # field enter a unique value to identify this transaction, such as DRAW-Credit#.
    4. Select Check Already Printed
    5. Select Record to close this window.
    6. Repeat steps a-e for each credit to be refunded to the same customer.
  8. (Optional) You can print the credit invoices by going to the Banking Command Center and selecting Print/Email Payment Notifications. In the Review Payment Notifications Before Delivery screen, select Credit Refunds as the Payment Type. You'll be able to print the payment notifications by checking the appropriate credit/refund items, which will show the check numbers you assigned in step 7-c.
  9. Go to the Banking Command Center and select Spend Money.
  10. The Spend Money window opens, enter the details of the check as follows:
    1. In the Account field, select your main bank account.
    2. In the Check # field enter the next check number in your check sequence.
    3. Enter the total amount of credits in the Amount field.
    4. Enter the new Draw account in the Account field (bottom) and the amount of the check in the Amount field.
    5. Select Record to record this check and close the Spend Money window or select the Print button if you are ready to print this check.
  11. Repeat Steps 4-10 for each customer that you have multiple credits for.