• Section: Sales
  • Last updated: May 21, 2019, 10:25 a.m.

Sales Videos

AccountEdge and Progress Billing
Goes over the Progress Billing feature. Outlines different methods for separating payments for progress billing quotes. Also briefly discusses relevant action menu options.

Retainers and AccountEdge 2011
An overview of the use of retainers in AccountEdge. Discusses setting up retainers and managing replenishment options. Also touches on reports that pertain to retainers and printing retainer statements.

Creating an Invoice from a Bill
Discusses the option to create an invoice from a bill. This can be useful when incurring costs on behalf of a client allowing you to bill the client for those expenses.

Invoice Profit Analysis
Goes over the use of the Profit Analysis feature in regards to price adjustments on invoices, as well as the ability to set user restrictions for this feature.