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  • Section: Shopify (Web Store)
  • Last updated: June 25, 2019, 4:55 p.m.

Shopify Fields Mapping

The following tables provide information about the mapping of fields between Shopify and AccountEdge Pro.


ShopifyAccountEdge Pro
TitleItem Name
Description (Body-HTML)Web Store Item Description
Variant SKUItem Number
PriceWeb Store Price
Title/Page TitleItem Name
Description/Meta DescriptionWeb Store/Item Description
Variant GramsWeight (lbs converted to grams)
PublishedI sell this item on my web store
Variant TaxableI collect sales tax when I sell this item
ImagesUp to 3


 ShopifyAccountEdge Pro
AED Company Card TypeCompanyCo./Last Name
First Name/Last NameAddr 1 - Contact Name
AED Individual Card TypeFirst NameFirst Name
Last NameLast Name/Company
EmailEmailAddr 1 - Email
Billing AddressFirst NameFirst Name+Last Name/Company or Addr 1 - Contact Name
Last Name
CompanyCo./Last Name
Address1Addr 1 - Line 1
Address2Addr 1 - Line 2
CityAddr 1 - City
Province CodeAddr 1 - State
CountryAddr 1 - Country
Country Code
ZipAddr 1 - ZIP Code
PhoneAddr 1 - Phone # 1
Shipping AddressFirst NameAddr 2 - Contact Name
Last Name
CompanyAddr 2 - Line 1
Shipping Address 1Addr 2 - Line 2
Shipping Address 2Addr 2 - Line 3
Shipping CityAddr 2 - City
Shipping Province/ST
Shipping Province CodeAddr 2 - State
Shipping CountryAddr 2 - Country
Shipping Country Code
Shipping ZipAddr 2 - ZIP Code
Shipping PhoneAddr 2 - Phone # 1


ShopifyAccountEdge Pro
NamePart of Journal Member + Web Order #
Financial Status
Paid at
Fulfillment Status
Fulfilled at
Accepts Marketing
SubtotalNote 1
ShippingFreight Amount
TaxesTax Amount
Discount Code
Discount AmountNote 2
Shipping MethodShip Via
Created at
Lineitem quantityQuantity
Lineitem nameDescription
Lineitem pricePrice
Lineitem compare at price
Lineitem skuItem Number
Lineitem requires shipping
Lineitem taxable
Lineitem fulfillment status
Billing NameContact
Billing StreetAddr1 - Line 1
Billing Address1Addr1 - Line 1
Billing Address2Addr1 - Line 2
Billing CompanyCustomer
Billing CityAddr 1 - City
Billing Zip
Billing Province
Billing Country
Billing Phone
Shipping NameAddress 2 - Ship to - Contact
Shipping StreetAddr2 - Line 2
Shipping Address1Addr2 - Line 2
Shipping Address2Addr2 - Line 3
Shipping CompanyCo./Last Name
Shipping CityAddr2 - Line 4
Shipping ZipAddr2 - Line 4
Shipping ProvinceAddr2 - Line 4
Shipping CountryAddr2 - Line 4
Shipping Phone
Note Attributes
NJ State Tax
Cancelled at
Payment Method
Payment Reference
Refunded Amount


  1. AccountEdge brings in individual lines of an order and calculates the Subtotal, Tax and Total for the transaction.
  2. AccountEdge takes the total DiscountAmount and converts it a % and applies to the last line item.