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  • Section: Shopify (Web Store)
  • Last updated: June 25, 2019, 4:15 p.m.

Shopify Inventory In-stock Quantity

Special Note: Starting July 1st 2018, Shopify will be rolling out new methods for syncing and managing inventory levels. In order to sync inventory levels with AccountEdge, you will need to have the 2018 version of AccountEdge installed with the latest updates.

In Shopify, the default behavior is to limit the sale of products if you don't have sufficient product quantity in stock. Your customers will get a message indicating they can reduce the ordered quantity to the value you have in stock, or they can remove the item from the order. This will limit the creation of orders when there is insufficient quantity in stock. You can manage this behavior in the Item Variant window. If you set the Allow users to purchase this item, even if it is no longer in stock flag, you can sell items, even if there is no quantity in stock.

In AccountEdge Pro, you cannot sell a product unless you have enough quantity in stock to satisfy the invoice. In AccountEdge you can also control this feature if you set Allow the Sale of Items with Insufficient On-Hand Quantities [System-Wide] in the Setup > Preferences > Inventory window. Alternatively, you can create a customer Order, which you can fulfill when you do get enough quantity to satisfy the order.

If you do not allow the sale of items when there is insufficient quantity in Shopify, and disallow the sale of items with insufficient quantity in AccountEdge Pro, erroneous orders will not be created. On the other hand, if stock quantities between the 2 systems are incorrect, it could be possible for your customer to order an item, when a quantity does not exist.

All orders from Shopify will be brought in to AccountEdge Pro as Invoices as long as there are sufficient on-hand quantities. If the Allow the Sale of Items with Insufficient On-Hand Quantities [System-Wide] preference has been enabled in the AccountEdge company file, the Order will be brought in as an invoice and the Shopify Log will be noted as such. If there is an insufficient on-hand quantity and the Allow the Sale of Items with Insufficient On-Hand Quantities [System-Wide] preference is not selected, the Shopify order will be brought in as an Order that can be fulfilled when a sufficient quantity is available in AccountEdge Pro. The item quantity must be transferred to, and fulfilled through Shopify, however.