• Section: Troubleshooting
  • Last updated: June 12, 2019, 12:18 p.m.

AccountEdge for Mac Update Fails


This support article explains possible causes of problems associated with updating the AccountEdge application and ways to resolve these problems on Mac OS.

If you are having trouble updating on a Windows OS click here.

Update Error

On AccountEdge Pro for Mac or AccountEdge NE for Mac it is possible to receive an update error after hitting the "Install and Relaunch" message. The error you will receive is "An error occured while installing the update. Please try again later."

This error can occur when the application itself has been renamed. When checking for updates AccountEdge is looking for the application to be named in a specific way. The table below lists the proper application names.

Application VersionApplication Name
AccountEdge Pro 2018 CanadaAccountEdge Pro v2018
AccountEdge NE 2018 CanadaAccountEdge NE v2018
AccountEdge Pro 2018 USAccountEdge Pro 2018
AccountEdge NE 2018 USAccountEdge NE 2018
AccountEdge Pro 2017 CanadaAccountEdge Pro v2017
AccountEdge NE 2017 CanadaAccountEdge NE v2017
AccountEdge Pro 2017 USAccountEdge Pro 2017
AccountEdge NE 2017 USAccountEdge NE 2017
AccountEdge Pro 2016 CanadaAccountEdge Pro v2016
AccountEdge NE 2016 CanadaAccountEdge NE v2016
AccountEdge Pro 2016 USAccountEdge Pro 2016
AccountEdge NE 2016 USAccountEdge NE 2016
AccountEdge Pro 2015 CanadaAccountEdge Pro v2015
AccountEdge NE 2015 CanadaAccountEdge NE v2015
AccountEdge Pro 2015 USAccountEdge Pro 2015
AccountEdge NE 2015 USAccountEdge NE 2015
AccountEdge Pro 2014 CanadaAccountEdge Pro 2014
AccountEdge NE 2014 CanadaAccountEdge NE 2014
AccountEdge Pro 2014 USAccountEdge Pro
AccountEdge NE 2014 USAccountEdge NE
AccountEdge Pro 2013 CanadaAccountEdge Pro
AccountEdge NE 2013 CanadaAccountEdge NE
AccountEdge Pro 2013 USAccountEdge Pro
AccountEdge NE 2013 USAccountEdge NE

To resolve the error and continue updating navigate to the application and rename it to reflect the name in the table above.

Damaged Application

If an AccountEdge for Mac update gets partially through the installation of the update and fails this can cause the application to become damaged and unusable.

If this happens, after launching the software AccountEdge will throw an error message saying that the application is incomplete or damaged.

To resolve this:
  1. Move the damaged application to the trash (it will not look like a normal icon - it will have a line crossed through it)
  2. Reinstall AccountEdge using a fresh install

If you need a new installer for your AccountEdge software please contact Customer Service.