• Section: Troubleshooting
  • Last updated: June 10, 2019, 4:08 p.m.

Error Connecting to Host

An Error Occurred While Trying to Connect to This Host

The problem is most likely due to a firewall blocking network traffic to the port that FileConnect is using. First, go to the AccountEdge pane in System Preferences on the host computer. Click the Port Number tab and check to see if FileConnect is set to be using a specific port. If the port number is zero, FileConnect is dynamically choosing a port. For anything other than zero, write down the number. If the port is set to zero (dynamic), you will either have to disable the firewalls on your Macs or assign a port number for FileConnect, and then open that port on the firewalls of all of the Macs that are using AccountEdge Network Edition.

To configure your Mac's firewall, select the Security icon in System Preferences and click on the Firewall tab. Here, see if the firewall is on. If so, make sure that the port number from the AccountEdge preference is open on your firewall.