• Section: Troubleshooting
  • Last updated: June 19, 2019, 10:24 a.m.

Resolve Email and OfficeLink Errors in macOS 10.14 Mojave

MacOS 10.14 Mojave introduces some new security preferences that are found in System Preferences/Security & Privacy in the Privacy tab. There's a new section here for Automation.

Each time an application is looking to have control over another software or the Finder using AppleEvents or AppleScript, the operating system will ask you if you would like to grant access. If you choose Don't Allow, AccountEdge will be prevented from working with the Finder, Word, Excel, Mail or other applications.

AccountEdge and OfficeLink (used to create reports in Excel or merge Word letters), uses AppleEvents and AppleScript to launch other software and perform tasks. For example, creating and email and placing it into your Outbox. If you choose not to grant access when asked the first time you try these features on Mojave, you may receive errors like the following:

If you are receiving these errors you can resolve them by opening System Preferences, then open Security & Privacy. Then choose the Privacy tab and scroll down to Automation.

From here you should see listed several applications that you have either Granted or Denied access to allow them to control other applications.

To address an issue sending emails, find AccountEdge in the list and you should see Mail listed underneath with a checkbox that is unchecked. Click the Lock icon the bottom left corner and enter your admin user name and password for your Mac.

Once authenticated, check the box next to Mail.

If you are having issues with Excel or Word, first look for OfficeLink in the list and underneath you should see Finder, Excel or Word. Check off these boxes as well. If you do not see Excel or Word, the next time you run a report to Excel or Word, you should receive a message from the Mac OS to Grant Access. Click OK on this dialog and they will be added to the Automation section as well and should have Excel or Word checked off.