• Section: Troubleshooting
  • Last updated: June 11, 2019, 3:48 p.m.

Officelink (Excel, Word, etc) Troubleshooting


OfficeLink is a function that allows you to automatically create word processing and spreadsheet documents using AccountEdge data. You must be using OfficeLink-compatible word processing and spreadsheet program, for example Microsoft Word and Excel.

Anything that affects the computer system environment can cause OfficeLink to stop functioning.

Microsoft Office Compatible Versions

First thing to check is to make sure that your version of AccountEdge and Microsoft Office are compatible. All versions of AccountEdge prior to 2021 are only compatible with 32-bit versions of Office.

Click here to see current system requirements

Error Messages

The following are some alerts that can be generated from Microsoft Office programs:
  • drvwd32
    OLE Dispatch error:/n Macro=MyobGetTag/n Error = Unable to run the specified macro
  • Error in OfficeLink
  • Failure to create OLE driver object
  • Macro = MYOBGet Tag/n error
  • Unable to locate the necessary files to perform this OfficeLink function

Troubleshooting OLE Errors

Reinstall AccountEdge

The OfficeLink components did not install successfully. Consequently, the Myobmn97.dot file that contains MYOB's macros did not get put in the correct folder. Folder locations are:

Machine Folder
32-bit machines (Office 2007- Office 365 2016) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Startup
64-bit machines (Office 2007- Office 365 2016) C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Officexx\STARTUP
Office 2013 (32-bit Click-To-Run version) C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office 15\ClientX86\Root\Office15\STARTUP

*Note: there are many different versions of Office and the locations may vary slightly

If you look in this path, you should find Myobmn97.dot file. You can re-install AccountEdge and make sure the Myobmn97.dot file is installed where it belongs.

If you don't have the STARTUP directory or reinstalling AccountEdge did not resolve the problem you can manually create the STARTUP directory and place the MYobmn97.dot file there. Click here to download the Myobmn97.dot file.

*Note: AccountEdge is only compatible with 32-bit versions of Office.

Register the OfficeLink drivers

OfficeLink drivers are registered with Microsoft Windows each time your computer is started. If this registration process fails, OfficeLink won't work.

To correct this:

  1. Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard (between the CTRL and ALT keys) and press the R key.
  2. The Run window is displayed.
  3. Type the applicable 2 commands for the AccountEdge version being used, clicking OK after entering the command:
    • AccountEdge 2011:
      • C:\AccountEdge2011\DrvWD32.exe /register
      • C:\AccountEdge2011\DrvXL32.exe /register
    • AccountEdge Pro 2012 and Later:
      • C:\AccountEdgePro20YY\DrvWD32.exe /register
      • C:\AccountEdgePro20YY\DrvXL32.exe /register


  • The above assumes your accounting software has been installed in its default folder.
  • YY indicates the version of your software

Officelink Driver Errors

  • Unable to Write Command File Name swdrvs.ini
  • swdrv32 cannot be found
  • DrvWD32 cannot be found
  • DrvXL32 cannot be found

If you cannot find these files on your computer's hard drive, try re-installing your AccountEdge accounting software as a Restore and select the Office Link components. If AccountEdge was installed before Microsoft 32-bit Office, these files will not have been installed.

You will receive the error Unable to Write Command File Name swdrvs.ini if you are not signed onto your computer as administrator. If this is the case:

  1. Open your Windows Explorer and locate the swdrvs.ini file in your Windows or WINNT folder
  2. Right click on it and go to properties
  3. Under the Security tab, the User groups are listed. For each login (User Group), check the Permissions below (You want Power Users to have all permissions checked on the ALLOW column. Administrators will typically have all permissions checked)

That is why it is recommended that AccountEdge be installed as ADMINISTRATOR.

Note: if you do not have the access to change the Permissions you may need to contact your Systems Administrator for assistance.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Given that this is actually a Windows permission error, even some Administrator users may run into this issue when attempting to install. You can attempt to change the default installation location (C:\AccountEdgePro[Year] to instead create an AccountEdge folder on the desktop - Desktop\AccountEdgePro2016) - this has successfully resolved this issue for users for whom adjusting permissions did not work.

Enable the OfficeLink Macro

Refer to the Office documentation about enabling macros.

Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office

You would want to take the following steps in order to uninstall Microsoft Office:

  1. Uninstall AccountEdge
  2. Uninstall Microsoft Office
  3. Reinstall Microsoft Office
  4. Reinstall AccountEdge

Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Windows

This should be a last resort. You should not reinstall Microsoft Windows unless all other solutions have failed. Please see your IT professional before attempting this.