• Section: Troubleshooting
  • Last updated: June 12, 2019, 4:54 p.m.

Printer Error Messages


Print errors with numbers from -5 to 5 are low level system errors from Microsoft Windows; they are NOT AccountEdge error messages. The errors range from not having enough hard drive space to a corrupt print driver.

What are the most common Printer error messages?

  • -5 not enough memory
  • -4 out of disk space
  • -3 user cancelled print
  • -1 general error
  • 1 printer not named (default printer settings in Windows Control Panel)
  • 2 print driver not specified (default printer settings in Windows Control Panel)
  • 3 print port not specified (default printer settings in Windows Control Panel)
  • 4 name of printer driver too long - device in WIN.INI (if line is longer than 80 characters you will get this error)
  • "Create DC call unsuccessful" (DC means "Display Context") - This can occur in printing to the printer or the screen. You may receive this error message, "Call to create DC failed, error #5." If you are printing to the screen or printer this can be caused by not having a suitable video driver, or printer driver, or having Port as None in the windows section of the WIN.INI file.
  • For errors with paper size see this FAQ.

Any other printer error with a number other than -5 to 5 is specific to the manufacturer's printer and/or printer driver software. These errors can be found in the Printer Manual or you can contact the manufacturer of the printer.

What is Printer Error #5?

You will receive this message when you attempt to open/print in AccountEdge without a printer attached. Make sure you have a printer driver installed on your computer, and you have a default printer selected.

To resolve this:
On Windows OS: Select a default printer in Windows by going to your Control Panel > Printers. Highlight your Printer and select Set as Default.
On Mac OS: On the Mac, select Printers & Scanners in System Preferences, and set the default printer.

If the correct printer is already set as the default, and you get Error #5, try setting another printer as the default printer

If the problem isn't cleared on a Windows system, User Access Control (UAC) is being used on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. In cases where UAC is being used, you can run AccountEdge Compatibility mode. This compatibility mode will permit AccountEdge to run in XP Compatibility mode, and run with Administrator privileges. Since this is a potential security risk, we recommend you consult with your IT staff for proper implementation. Alternatively, an experienced IT Administrator can set the appropriate UAC permissions on your machine.

How can I solve the most common Printer errors?

  • Check how much free space is on the Hard Disk Drive (5 MB is a realistic minimum).
  • Reinstall the printer driver through the Windows Control Panel. This resolves most printing errors and general printing problems. You should have received a disk when you purchased your printer. If so, reinstall the printer driver using the disk or use the Windows drivers by going into Control Panel and selecting PRINTERS.
  • Defrag the Hard Disk Drive.
  • If you have a Dot Matrix or an Ink Jet (NOT CANON) you can use the Generic Text Only Driver.
  • Laser printers should try an HP4L. CANON Printers MUST use a Canon driver (e.g., BJ10ex).

How does AccountEdge deal with printing?

Unlike some software programs that have printer drivers written specifically for the application, AccountEdge uses the installed Windows printer drivers that have been supplied by the printer manufacturer. This means that you might not have any problems printing in other applications, but still be unable to print from AccountEdge.

AccountEdge uses the printer driver you've defined in the Windows Printer Setup. If the printer driver you've selected in Printer Setup isn't up-to-date, you might experience printing problems. Be sure you're using the most current printer driver before you attempt to print using AccountEdge. You can obtain an up-to-date printer driver from your printer's manufacturer.

AccountEdge has NO built in software for printing, it passes control of printing to the printer driver currently specified. Given this, there are NO AccountEdge printing error messages. All printer error messages are either Windows System Related or specific to the manufacturer's printer and print driver software.

This information is of a generic nature. For additional information please see your System Administrator.