• Section: Troubleshooting
  • Last updated: June 7, 2019, 4:38 p.m.

Security Software Conflict Issues


Certain security software has been known to cause different issues when attempting to use AccountEdge for Windows. The issues have to do with:

  • Kaspersky Software
  • Web Root Security Software

Can't Do Anything in AccountEdge

Users have reported issues with being able to perform any action at all while they have a web browser open. This issue is specifically related to security software installed on a computer. It has occurred for users who have Web Root security software and Kaspersky security software. Closing the web browser or disabling the security software will resolve this issue.

Can't Copy and Paste In AccountEdge

AccountEdge for Windows will allow you to copy and paste into most fields.

Certain security software can prevent copy and paste from working properly. We have found that Webroot Security software in particular can cause copy and paste not to work properly.