• Section: Troubleshooting
  • Last updated: June 12, 2019, 4:06 p.m.

Send Reports to Excel 2016 (Mac)

If you are using AccountEdge with Microsoft Excel 2016, you may run into two possible problems when sending reports.

1) If it is the first time you are sending a specific report to Excel 2016, it will ask you to "Grant Access" :

2) When sending a report to Excel 2016 while Excel is closed, you will receive the following message:


The resolve this issue, you can download an updated "OfficeLink Processor" (found below) and overwrite your existing OfficeLink Processor.

Download Updated OfficeLink Processor: OfficeLink Processor

Steps to Install Updated OfficeLink Processor

  1. After downloading the "OfficeLink_Mac.dmg.zip" file (located above), it will require you to double click on it to extract it.
  2. After it is extracted you should be left with "OfficeLink_Mac.dmg". Please double click on this (you should see a window appear and then disappear).
  3. After double clicking the .dmg file, this will mount "OfficeLink_Mac" on your desktop. Please go to your desktop and double click on this.
  4. When this opens you will see a file called "OfficeLink Processor". Click on this once to highlight it. Then go up to your "Edit" menu (at the top of the screen) and choose "Copy".
  5. From here go into your AccountEdge application.
  6. In here go to "Accounts". Then click on "Company Data Auditor".
  7. About in the middle, click on the magnifying glass on the right hand side next to "Custom Forms etc."
  8. This will bring up a Finder window. In this windows open the "OfficeLink" folder.
  9. Then go back up to your "Edit" menu and choose "Paste Item".
  10. You will receive a message about an existing item already being located here. Click "Replace".

**Note:** *If you are using AccountEdge 2011 or prior versions, the "OfficeLink Folder" will be located under: Applications>AccountEdge 20XX*

After this has been done, you should now be able to send reports to Excel 2016 with none of the issues mentioned above.