• Section: Upgrading
  • Last updated: May 28, 2019, 4:21 p.m.

Upgrading Legacy .pls Company Files (Windows)

Legacy company files with .pls extension filenames

If you have legacy files with the extension of .pls, do not try to open these files by double-clicking on the file(s). Use AccountEdge to open the file(s).

Some background:

  • If you had your data files associated with an older version of software such as MYOB Plus 11
  • If you recently updated your Adobe Acrobat programs to the latest release (note that Acrobat now includes the ability to embed both audio and video files)
  • If you have iTunes installed on your machine

Attempting to open company files with the .pls extension by double-clicking on files can lead to data loss. Apparently now, files with a .pls extension are considered Play Lists of audio files.

The following steps will help to minimize risk when attempting to update these old company files with AccountEdge 2010:

  • Change the filename extension from .pls to .myo
  • Create Desktop shortcuts that open AccountEdge first, and then the company file. For example, this is a typical AccountEdge 2010 shortcut command line for a shortcut file: C:\AccountEdge2010\AccountEdge.exe C:\AccountEdge2010\myfile.myo
  • Never open a company file without first changing its extension to .myo
  • If you open your company file without a shortcut, launch AccountEdge first, and use it to open your company file
  • Verify and Backup your company file daily