• Section: UPS Shipping Integration
  • Last updated: July 15, 2019, 11:32 a.m.

UPS Shipping Manager


The UPS Shipping Manager is where you can go inside of AccountEdge to manage all previously created shipments.

Filtering the UPS Shipping Manager

In the upper left you can choose which view you would like to set. Your options are:

  • All UPS Accounts: This will show shipments from every UPS account you have in the file
  • UPS Account: When you choose this view you will then be able to filter by a specific account by selecting the account to the right of this field
  • No UPS Account: This will only show shipments not associated with a UPS account number

Underneath the View filter you also have a Search By filter where you can set more specific criteria. Your options are:

  • All Shipments: This will show all Shipments within a given date range
  • Card: This will allow you to select a specific contact card and date range to filter by
  • Invoice Number: You can either enter the invoice number if you know it or click the arrow to the right to show all the different invoices and choose one
  • Tracking Number: Like Invoice number - except you are either entering a specific tracking number from UPS or you can click the arrow to the right to see a list of tracking numbers
  • Shipment: Works exactly like "Tracking Number"
  • Reference Number: If you entered a reference number when creating a Shipment you can choose to filter by this

Action Options

At the bottom left of the Shipping Manager you are presented with different actions that are available. Some of these work directly inside of AccountEdge and others reach out to the UPS site to find information.

  • Print: This prints the UPS Shipments report which will include all shipments that show in the Shipping Manager window. The report will show the date, invoice #, company name, shipping service, number of packages, tracking number, weight, and estimate cost
  • Labels: This will allow you to print a shipping label for the shipment you have selected
  • Track: This directs you to the UPS website to track a UPS shipment
  • Email: This will allow you to send a modifiable email relating to the shipment. The default includes information on the shipping service collected, tracking number, and direct URL to track the shipment with
  • Void: Marks the shipment as Void inside of AccountEdge. You will still see the shipment in the Shipping Manager - but it will be greyed out
  • History: This takes you out to the UPS website to see any related actions associated with this shipment

This video has further information regarding the UPS Shipping Manager:

We also have a video that give an overview of how to email out of the Shipping Manager: