• Section: UPS Shipping Integration
  • Last updated: July 15, 2019, 12:06 p.m.

UPS Thermal Label Printer Support

Supported Printers

AccountEdge supports the Zebra ZP450 thermal label printer which is sold specifically for UPS and supports ZPL (Zebra Programming Language). One additional Zebra printer which we have tested in-house is the Zebra 420 which is similar to the Zebra ZP450 but is a networkable printer.

AccountEdge Printer Settings

One common mistake is setting AccountEdge to print to a laser or standard inkjet printer and not to a thermal label printer in the UPS Settings found under the Setup menu. Printing to a label printer with the incorrect setting will result in a printout that will not fit onto the label.

Firmware and Drivers

Be sure that you have the appropriate drivers and firmware installed. UPS provides additional information for their supported Zebra printers that can be found on their support pages.

Printer Calibration

Printer calibration may be required with your printer. The method to calibrate differs between models and manufacturers. When the printer has not been calibrated, you may have odd results including only printing part of the label. Calibrating is typically pretty simple.

For example for a Zebra ZP-450, with the printer turned on, you would hold down the feed button until you see status light flash once, then twice then three times and finally four times. After the four-flash sequence, release the feed button. Please see your printer manufacturer for the steps to take for the different models.