• Section: US Payroll
  • Last updated: Dec. 4, 2019, 5:55 p.m.

Adjust Accrual Balance

Use the instructions below to adjust an employee's accrual balance.

  1. Go to the top menu bar and select Lists > Cards.
  2. Find the employee you need to change the accrual on and open their card.
  3. Select the Payroll Details tab the top.
  4. Adjust amount accrued from the current payroll year:
    1. On the left side of this window select the Pay History tab.
    2. Set the Payroll Year to This Year.
    3. Set the Show Pay History for to Year-to-Date.
    4. Click on the accrual amount and change the dollar amount here. ***
  5. Adjust amount carried forward from a prior payroll year
    1. On the left side of the employee card select the Accrual Balance tab.
    2. Click on the carry over value to adjust it. ***

*** Note for Canadian Edition The accrual balance corresponds to a liability account. Before adjusting this amount make note of the amount you are adjusting it by so that you can later do a journal entry to also adjust the accrual's liability account.