• Section: US Payroll
  • Last updated: May 21, 2019, 3:21 p.m.

Employer Payroll Expense/Deduction Limits

Setting the Expense/Deduction Limit for a Payroll Category

There are 3 Expense Limit options:

No Limit: There will be no limit on the amount expensed/deducted.

Equals X Percent of a Payroll Category: Expense/deduction limit is set to a percentage of the same or another category for the current payroll run (current payroll check). Choosing Gross Wages will mean the total of all wages on the check.

Equals X Dollars per [Pay Period, Month, Year]: Expense/deduction limit is set to the maximum amount to be expensed for the indicated period.

If users need to expense a percentage of a wage category (perhaps Gross Wages) up to a maximum amount, the users should calculate the maximum expense for the period. Then enter that maximum value plus the appropriate period in the last option.