• Section: US Payroll
  • Last updated: May 21, 2019, 4:02 p.m.

Reverse A Direct Deposit

If the direct deposit transaction was done on the same day you want to reverse or delete it, you can log onto the payments gateway and look for the transaction (http://www.paymentsgateway.net). If the status of the transaction is Ready, you can select the transaction and click the void transaction button. If the status is Settling, you will have get a Merchant Request to Delete Document (see below). This form must be filled out and sent back to Forte Payment Systems (formally known as ACH Direct).

The document can be found in Knowledge Center tab of the payments gateway > Documents > Merchant Request to Delete.

Forte can be reached by phone at 866-290-5400 for the US and 469-675-9920 for Canada.