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See your data, like never before.

Available in the latest version of AccountEdge.

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Visualize your data with business intelligence

Create graphs, charts, maps and more with the latest data from your AccountEdge company file. Use filters to visualize changes in data sets by date, customer, vendor, item or any other field.

Step 1

Sign up for a Microsoft Power BI account; Desktop version for Windows or web version for macOS or Windows.

Step 2

Export your data from AccountEdge using export files created specifically to enhance the results you can achieve.

Step 3

Select the data you want to use in Power BI and choose Power BI (csv file) and save the data to your hard drive.

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Examples of AccountEdge and Power BI Integration

  • Create a map of your customers and highlight the top 10 in sales dollar volume
  • Create a list of of your most popular items in dollars or units sold
  • Create a report showing your top customers by sales by quarter by year
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New Export Reports

We’ve created new Export Reports to export Reports, Transactions and Data. All the headers have been stripped out, making these exports perfectly formatted for use as Power BI data sources or within Excel for additional analysis and reporting.

Available Exports

Here is a list of available exports. To access them select Reports then the Export tab:

  • Export Reports

  • Account Transactions
  • Profit Analysis — Item Sales Detail
  • Item Sales — Detail
  • Customer - Sales Detail
  • Invoice Transactions
  • Item Purchases Detail
  • Bill Transactions
  • Analyze Inventory — Summary
  • Analyze Inventory — Detail
  • Inventory Value Reconciliation
  • Inventory Count Sheet
  • Price Summary
  • Export Transactions

    • Service Sales
    • Item Sales
    • Professional Sales
    • Time Billing Sales
    • Miscellaneous Sales
    • Service Purchases
    • Item Purchases
    • Professional Purchases
    • Miscellaneous Purchases
    • Spend Money
    • Receive Money
  • Export Data

    • Accounts
    • Activities
    • Items
    • Jobs
    • Leads
    • Customers
    • Vendors
    • Employees
    • Personal

Power BI for AccountEdge

Learn how to create graphs, charts, maps and more with the latest data from your AccountEdge company file.

  • *Note: Power BI integration is available in AccountEdge 2022 and later.