Please visit our COVID-19 Resources page for useful payroll and reference information. During this time, when many companies are forced to telework, AccountEdge Hosted may be a good option. Host your company file to be accessed remotely from any device, for as long as you need. You can go back to your regular setup when you no longer need remote accessibility. If you’d like to discuss that or any other teleworking solution with a product specialist, please call 800.322.6962. Be safe.

AccountEdge and macOS Catalina

While we will not be able to offer a Catalina-compliant version of the classic version of AccountEdge for Mac, we are working on a version of AccountEdge Pro that is compatible with Catalina (and eventually macOS Big Sur) without requiring a virtual machine. You simply download the app, install it and double click. It’s our hope to launch this product (initially single-user only) late Summer/early Fall 2020. While we remain optimistic for a multi-user version, there are too many variables to be as definitive at this time. We will share more details on our efforts, as they become available.

AccountEdge Options

Don't Upgrade to Catalina

We will continue to update AccountEdge for those that continue to use AccountEdge on your Mac. We’ll deliver payroll tax updates and upgrades for years to come and we will be proactive in communicating our plans.

AccountEdge Hosted

We recently launched a hosted, subscription service that allows you to access your AccountEdge company file from any Mac or Windows environment, including Catalina.

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Use Parallels

You can run macOS Catalina and continue to use AccountEdge for Mac within a Parallels virtual machine environment. And, again, we will continue to update AccountEdge for years to come with payroll tax updates and upgrades.

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AccountEdge for Windows

We will continue to develop, support and enhance AccountEdge for Windows, which is not impacted by macOS compatibility issues. Should it be convenient for you to use AccountEdge in a Windows environment, we will convert your Mac licenses (at no charge) to Windows.

Options Beyond AccountEdge

If you will be investigating new software to manage your business, our best-in-class Priority family of products are used to run over 9,000 organizations worldwide.

Speak to a Priority Product Specialist to discuss your options for converting your AccountEdge data, as well as whether Priority Zoom or Priority ERP might be a good fit for your needs.


Robust, cloud software that delivers scalable performance for companies of all sizes for $50/user/mo (promo code: AEMAC for 50% off the first six months).

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If you are outgrowing AccountEdge, our powerful, yet flexible, ERP software allows you to manage large amounts of data and customize the software based on your business needs. Available both in the cloud and on-premises.

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As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call (800-322-6962) or email.

We very much appreciate your loyalty over the years and, in many cases, decades. We are a company that owes its success to word of mouth referrals from its customers and, for that, we thank you.

The AccountEdge Team