AccountEdge Pro Feature History

Haven't upgraded in awhile? Here are features added to earlier versions of AccountEdge.

New for 2022

Zapier and AccountEdge Connect

Zapier allows you to link AccountEdge Connect with thousands of web apps to create custom workflows using your accounting data.

Microsoft Power BI and AccountEdge

Create graphs, charts, maps and more with the latest data from your AccountEdge company file. Use filters to visualize changes in data sets by date, customer, vendor, item or any other field.

Custom Transaction IDs

Customize your sales and purchases transaction IDs. Available in AccountEdge 2022 and later.

Square and AccountEdge

Import customers and paid Square transactions into AccountEdge. Available in AccountEdge 2022 and later.


  • Reset Item Prices on Open Quotes
  • From the quotes screen, include activities for item/time invoices.
  • Show totals in All Sales and All Purchases tabs on registers screens.
  • Access Recurring Transaction Reminders from the To Do List window after launch
  • Use AccountEdge print driver by default
  • Log out user from File Connect
  • Password Reset with Code from Support
  • Save the Last Selected Column and Sort Direction on the following windows
    • Receive Payments (Mac and Windows)
    • Pay Bills (Mac and Windows)
    • Sales Register (Windows)
    • Purchases Register (Windows)
    • Cards List (Windows)
    • Find Transactions (Windows)
    • Bank Register (Windows)
    • Prepare Bank Deposit (Mac and Windows)
    • Reconcile Accounts (Windows)
    • Items Register (Windows)
    • Items List (Windows)
    • To Do List (Windows)
    • VAT Reconciliation (Mac and Windows)

New for 2021

Sales Tax Code Per Line Item

Choose a unique sales tax code per line item on a sale or purchase transaction. For example, you may sell items that require different tax codes on the same sales invoice. Include all those items on the same transaction without having to create separate sales.

Open Recent Company Files

If you have more than one Company File, switching between them is now easier and faster. Open a different company while in an existing file or from the Welcome window by selecting Recents under the File menu in AccountEdge, then select from the 10 most recent Company Files. Company Files will be listed by their file name.

Allow Text as a Check Number

We’ve made it easier to record ATM, Venmo, PayPal or other direct withdrawals from your banking accounts. Now you can use letters in the Check # field instead of numbers. For example, if you use your ATM card to make withdrawals, when you record those transactions in the Spend Money window you can use “ATM” as the Check #. Any text entered will not be checked for duplicates making repeated transactions easier to record.

Making Copies

When copying an invoice we’ll pre-populate the default customer name onto the new sales transaction. When copying a bill we’ll pre-populate the default vendor name onto the new purchase transaction.

1099 Enhancements with Aatrix

Form 1099-NEC, Nonemployee Compensation, has been added for reporting independent contractor payments. eFile or Print your 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC through the Forms Viewer.

To Do List Changes

  • In the A/P To Do List window, selecting multiple bills to pay will display the total amount being paid.
  • In the Expiring Discounts window, selecting multiple transactions will display the total amount being paid.
  • Select the specific banking account to pay from.

64-bit Windows

AccountEdge for Windows now supports the 64-bit architecture, including support for 64-bit versions of MS Office and Outlook.

New for 2020

Announcing Bank Feeds

Automatically import bank and credit card transactions from over 12,000 financial institutions. Connect your checking and credit card accounts in AccountEdge to your checking, savings and credit card providers. Reconcile quicker, easier and more often. Monthly subscription required. Learn more about AccountEdge bank feeds.

New Sales Tax Features

Need to report and file sales tax in multiple states? Our new set of sales tax reports let you filter by state, choose all states, and include sales without a state associated with them.

Quickly analyze your state-by-state sales to see in which states you need to file taxes with these new reports:

  • Sales Tax by State Summary
  • Sales Tax by State Detail
  • Sales Tax by State Summary (Cash)
  • Sales Tax by State Detail (Cash)

Longer Tax Codes

It’s easier to manage your tax requirements with longer tax codes. If you have many sales tax regions and codes to keep tabs on, we’ve extended the character limit to 10 characters, which will even let you name your tax codes for more easier identification.

Tax Code Default per Card Address

Assign a unique tax code to each of the five available address records on customer and vendor cards. This way, if you are shipping to an address that is taxed differently, the appropriate tax code will populate your sales and purchases. By default, the tax code you have associated with a customer or vendor will automatically be applied to all five addresses.

Use Tax

Depending on where you live, you may be required to track and pay sales tax on purchases where a vendor did not apply tax on that purchase. This type of tax code doesn’t add tax to the transaction, but tracks the tax that you would owe for Use Tax. Sales tax reports include a new section that breaks out purchases for which you may owe Use Tax.

Sales Tax Report Tab

All sales tax reports have moved to their own unique Sales Tax tab in the Index to Reports, making it easier to find and manage all fourteen reports.

Tax Exception Report

Find mistakes on transactions where tax has been applied incorrectly with the Tax Exception report. This report lists where you (or someone else using AccountEdge) changed the tax code on sales and purchases transactions.

Transaction Tax Codes Report

Identify transactions whose tax code changed from the default, grouped by income account, on a line-by-line basis. This report shows the debits and credits to each account –– by line –– and the entered and default tax code used.

Tax Information Reconciliation Detail and Summary Reports

If a transaction was created mistakenly using the tax liability account, this report compares tax collected to the linked sales tax liability account for a given period of time to identify any discrepancies.

Online Customer Orders (AccountEdge Connect)

Customers can place a Sales Order via AccountEdge Connect’s customer portal. You can use the Connect to choose which items are available, which customers are permitted to place sales orders, and require a credit card payment or other payment option. Price levels, quantity discounts, and customer item discounts are automatically applied based on the customer and item being sold.

Mass Emailing of Statements (AccountEdge Connect)

Send customizable statements to customers by group. Email those with overdue balances, or those overdue by a chosen number of days. And if you process credit card payments, using the customer portal will send customers an email with a Pay Now button included for easier customer payments.

Customer Payment Details Report

Track down payments and determine which invoices a customer paid off with the new Customer Payment Details report. It lists each payment received and which sale the payment was applied to, across a date range. Filter by date, customer, amount, payment ID Number, and many other fields.

Vendor Payments Details Report

Similar to the Customer Payment Detail report, this new report lists payments which you have made to Vendors, and includes which Bills the payment was applied to. Filter by date range, vendor, session date, Check/Trans ID number, amount range, and more.

Default Forms Setup

Set default forms of your choosing for transactions such as Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and more.

Past Due Stamp

A new custom field called Past Due stamp is available on sales forms. Add this field to your form and print or email an invoice. If the sale is overdue according to the terms you have set up for the customer, the new Past Due stamp appears on the form. This is a great way to resend overdue invoices to let the customer know they need to make a (late) payment.

Custom Phone Field Labels

Assign labels to specific contact numbers in the Card File. Choose from Mobile, Home, Work, or create your own label to help differentiate numbers on a contact card.

Shipping Fields for Forms

Add additional fields to your sales forms including invoices, orders, and packing slips to include shipping information. These fields correspond to those in the Shipping Details window on a sale. The new fields include are:

  • Sales Tax by State Summary
  • Sales Tax by State Detail
  • Sales Tax by State Summary (Cash)
  • Sales Tax by State Detail (Cash)

To Do List Stock Alert

Easily reorder low inventory from the Stock tab. Found in the To Do List, see items that are in need of reorder by Item Name and Item Number.

Faster Loading of the Find Transactions and Items Register Windows

The Find Transaction window and the Items Register both load twice as fast in AccountEdge 2020, which will be welcome news for businesses that with large items lists, lots of inventory-related transactions, and/or otherwise have large company files.

2020 W-4 Changes

For 2020 a new checkbox for W-4 Step 2 is included on Employee payroll records on the Employee Payroll Detail Taxes tab. This new option is for those who have a second job or a spouse with a job. Once checked, a different set of tax tables/formulas are used for Federal taxes.

New for 2019

Save Custom Notes on Sales and Purchases

The Notes that you add to Sales and Purchases can now be saved for future use, and optionally printed on your forms. For example, if you add standard language like Terms and Conditions to many transactions, just add the Notes field to your custom forms to have these notes on your printed or PDF sales and purchases.

Find Deposit Transaction From a Receive Payment

Use the new drill down arrow on Receive Payment, Receive Money or Refund Transaction to go directly to its original Prepare Bank Deposit transaction.

Sortable Columns on Prepare Bank Deposit

Sort the Transaction ID, Date, Memo, Payment Method and Amount columns on the Prepare Bank Deposit window to quickly find and select receipts to deposit.

New Columns on Customer & Vendor Payments Windows

The Receive Payments and Pay Bills windows now feature sortable columns including Invoice #, Status, Date, Amount, etc., to make it easier to find an invoice or bill to pay. Windows resize for wider columns showing fuller content.

Pre-filled Payment Amounts

While viewing an open sale or purchase, select the Receive Payment or Pay Bill option to open transaction windows with the amount pre-filled and applied to the sale or purchase # you are viewing.

Easy Access to Credit Limit and Hold Option

Click the new drill down arrow next to a customer’s credit limit to view and edit the Credit Limit, Available Credit and Past Due Amount, and change the Credit Hold status. Read-Only access is available.

Set User Access Permissions to Buying and Selling Details

Set permissions by user to the Selling Details and Buying Details tabs that include critical credit information. You can also set Read Only access to the Credit Limit and Hold window so only specified users have the ability to change the limit and credit hold status.

Sales Tax Rate Out to 5 Decimals

Sales Tax Rates can be set to 5 decimals to support states that are implementing longer sales tax rates.

Filter on Last Transaction Date

If you’re looking for a list of customers with whom you haven’t done business since a certain date, you can now filter in the Card File for a payment or a sale by the last transaction date. You can also find lapsed customers by filtering on the Card List Detail and Summary reports, and within the Email function in the Card File Command Center for sending emails or promotions. The filter is also available on a vendor’s last transaction date for a payment or a purchase.

Filter Statements by Overdue

When on the Print/Email Statements window, you can select only customers who have an overdue amount, and email or print statements for this group.

Jobs Status Filter on Jobs Reports

Most Jobs Reports now filter by Status so that you can run them to report only on jobs completed, or for jobs in progress or any of your other Statuses.

Date Filtering on Registers

The Register windows, including the Sales Register, Bank Register, Transaction Journal and more, have new date filtering options including Month to Date, Year to Date, This Quarter, This Month, Last Month, This Quarter, Next Quarter, This Year, Last Year or Customer Year.

Business Insight Reports

A new series of reports provide insight into the health of your business including analysis into number of days to collect your accounts receivable, by month and compared to last year, what your inventory turnover is, gross profit margin ratio analysis and more. Reports include: Gross Profit Margin Ratio, Operating Profit Ratio, Net Profit to Sales Ratio, Accounts Receivable Days, Accounts Payable Days, Current Ratio and Profitability Ratios.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is a web site where your customers can log in to view their open receivables, make credit card payments against open sales, update their credit card information, view online payment history, and if you allow, apply available credits to open invoices. If you have an AccountEdge Merchant Account, your customers can pay you online in the customizable Portal. Otherwise, they can view their open receivables.

Process Credit Cards in Bulk

Easily process credit cards in bulk using AccountEdge Connect. From the new Bulk Payments window, view all open receivables and invoices (from desktop or Connect) and manage all aspects of bulk processing. No more authorizing each credit card payment one by one by one. Save hours by Approving All payments, then hitting a single button to process all payments. Send bulk email payment confirmations and handle the inevitable failed payments or expiring credit cards with bulk email capabilities as well. You can update credit cards yourself, or your customers can update their own credit cards through the Customer Portal.

Recurring Billing

This is your go-to feature for creating multiple invoices on a schedule to be automatically recorded in bulk. These sales can be identical across customers or may contain services or items that vary in amount or quantity by month. AccountEdge Connect makes it easy to create and manage your recurring invoices with a Recurring Sales window that displays all of your recurring sales by customer, along with their items and quantities.

Creating and Syncing Applied Credits

Credits can be created in either AccountEdge or AccountEdge Connect. They will all appear in AccountEdge Connect. You can now apply the credit to an open receivable within AccountEdge Connect as well. The Applied Credit transaction will sync down to your company file.

Web Pay Statements

Send Statements from AccountEdge Pro with an optional Pay Now link in the email and on your custom statement form. Use a Web Pay Statement with a URL to the Customer Portal, directing your customer to pay you online. They can then either log in or create an account to continue using the Customer Portal.

New for 2018

New Jobs Window

A larger Jobs window includes tabs for Profile, Details, Budget Analysis, Transactions and Activity Slips for in-depth and at-hand information. The window is now scalable as well.

Easier Job Budgeting and Analysis

The new Budget Analysis tab adds $, % and Up & Down arrows for easier functionality and allows you to edit your budget amounts for the Job as well as calculate and display your adjusted budget and compare to actuals, all in one window.

Job Status

Customize your job status to see what’s in progress, pending, completed, on hold, or whatever you choose.

View All Tracked Time for a Job

The Jobs List window now includes a tab for Activity Slips, displaying any tracked time that is tied to a job, and allowing you to drill into the Activity Slip or print out the list as a report.

Related Transactions for Jobs

A new Transactions tab in the Jobs information window gives you easy access to a list of all transactions related to each Job, including quotes, and viewable in summary or detail.

Search for Jobs

Search for Jobs by number, name and linked customer from the Jobs List window.

Promise Date

You can enter a Promise Date on a Job as an easy reminder of completion schedules.

Jobs With Linked Customers

When creating a sale to a customer that has a single Job associated with it, the Job Number will automatically be assigned to each line of a transaction, which can be removed or overwritten.

Custom Lists and Fields for Jobs

Add 3 Custom Lists and 3 Custom Fields to better track your Jobs. Define the List names and List members, as well as the Field names. Use your Custom Lists as filters for Job reports.

Jobs Address and Contact Information

Now include address and contact information for a Job from a Linked Customer address and phone number, or by manually entering it. This would be helpful if your Jobs are associated with a Job Site or Job Location.

Purging Jobs

A new option to Purge Jobs is helpful for removing unused, older Jobs from a large list. When purging jobs, the selected job will be deleted and removed from all transactions.

Jobs Notes

A Notes field is added to Jobs, in addition to the Description field.

Job Transactions Summary Report

The new Jobs Transactions Summary report provides a list of transactions, including quotes and orders, associated with selected Jobs. Filter on Transaction Type and Sale and Purchase Status.

Item Kits

An easy way to sell a group of items, Item Kits lets you sell a Kit comprised of different items, without having to inventory the items.

Item Window Changes

The Item Information window now displays the Item Number and Item Name at the top of the window so that it can be seen no matter which tab you are viewing.

Copy Auto-Build From

If you’re regularly creating Auto-Build Items, you can now use “Copy Auto-Build From” to create an Auto Build item with the same details and components of another Auto Build item. You can also simply copy the component items to use on an existing auto-build item.

New Scalable Windows

Scaling windows will enlarge the columns, enabling you to see longer item names and numbers. The Jobs Detail, Count Inventory, Transaction Journal and Prepare Time Billing Activity Log windows are now resizable and scalable.

Scalable/Sortable Windows (Win. only)

The following windows are scalable so that the columns will increase in width for viewing more information. Clicking the column header will also sort the columns of these windows: Find Transactions, Bank Register, Sales Register, Purchases Register, Items Register, Reconcile window, To Do List, Cards List, and Items List. Feature exists on Mac.

Find Account by Name or Number

When selecting an account on transactions, you can now search by Account Number or Account Name and use Starts With/Contains filters.

Searchable Accounts List

The Accounts List window is also now searchable. You can search for an account by name or number as well as Starts With/Contains filters.

Search by Contact

You can now search by Contact on the Cards List and also from the Search From List on transactions, making it easier to identify an unknown or forgotten company name when you know the contact’s name.

Paid Stamp

A Paid Stamp is now a custom field on your Sales forms and will appear on printed and PDF Sales forms, positioned where you like. This helps to avoid confusion when re-sending a copy of a paid invoice to a client, for example.

Add Notes on Bank Reconciliation & Payments

When reconciling a bank account, you now have the ability to add a note with the reconciliation. These notes are available on the Reconciliation Report when displayed or printed.

Calendar Events & Reminders (Mac Only)

When recording transactions, you can once again create a calendar event in the macOS Calendar app, such as a reminder of when a payment for a sale is due. You can also create a reminder from the Card File.

Deleting Deposits

Going forward, you’ll be able to edit or delete the deposit payment after an order has been converted into an invoice, allowing you to also then delete the Sale if needed.

Web Pay Direct Pay Option

You now have the option to let your customers pay you online without having them create a Web Pay Direct account. Enable this option on the Connect customer record, and they can make a direct payment for that invoice.

Faster Bank Register

The Bank Register loads and sorts faster to accommodate displaying a large number of transactions. It also scrolls more quickly as you move down the list.

Refreshed OfficeLink Templates

The OfficeLink Excel reports are more attractive with updated fonts and font sizes.

Attachments on Bank Deposits

You can now attach documents, such as a bank statement, when using Prepare Bank Deposit.

Calendar Icon

The date fields now have a calendar for faster selection of your dates.

One Click Email

Click the new email icon on the Contact Card to more quickly create an email.

Faster Network Edition

The Items Register, Sales Register and Purchases Register will now load and sort faster for Network Edition.

New for 2017

UPS® Shipping Integration

Create shipments from an AccountEdge sales transaction or card. Manage multiple shipping profiles and UPS accounts. Send email notifications, print labels, track and void shipments, schedule a UPS pickup and more. Learn more.

Robust Emailing

Emailing invoices, purchase orders, statements, payment receipts and attachments just got much more robust with these new features:

  • Create email templates using merge tags, such as customer name, amount due, transaction ID and many more.
  • Add CC and BCC email addresses. Choose and send additional attachments.
  • Include additional email addresses and choose an email address from any AccountEdge Card, or enter an email address.
  • Send emails in bulk to any of your Cards using the new email templates. Announce promotions, holiday hours, etc.
  • Open and view the email in your email client instead of it being automatically sent.

Flexible Paid Today

Choose the account to receive money into or pay money out of when using Paid Today on Sales and Purchases. Set your own payment transaction number and memo, or use the default. You’ll also love how the amount auto populates into Paid Today when you click into the field.

Notes Field on All Transactions

Add a Note to all transactions with the new Add Note button. This helps you remember why you created a particular Journal Entry, for example, or why you adjusted inventory. The Notes field can be added to appropriate reports and to check stubs and other transactions.

Check Number Field

Acclivity co-founder, Scott Davisson, uses AccountEdge to manage his son’s soccer club and requested that the Check # field be present on Receive Money and Customer Payments without having to drill into Details. Apparently, the extra click has been driving him crazy. If you agree, then this is the upgrade for you.

Customer Credit Shown on Sale

When creating a sale, you’ll now see the total credits available for that customer directly on the sales screen. When recording the invoice you’ll be asked if you would like to apply the credit to that sale or choose to apply it to other open invoices.

Email Payment Receipts

Email a payment receipt to your customers, regardless of payment method, either at the time of a sale or after using Receive Payments. Use the new email to include customized information with merge tags and send to additional email addresses.

Departments and Jobs

When categorizing imported bank transactions, apply departments to transactions as well as split amounts across multiple departments. Set up rules for departments and jobs so that future imported bank transactions will automatically be set.

Forecasting with Recurring Sales

The Cash Flow report now includes recurring sales in forecasting cash, which provides a more accurate estimation of your financial situation at a point in time. In addition, recurring sales and purchases will no longer show on the To-Do List if they don’t have a set frequency, and only relevant fields are displayed when you use the radio buttons.

Additions to the Pay Stub Fields

Your company address and phone number and the employee’s pay basis are now available to be added to the pay stub.

New for 2016

Get Paid Online

Web Pay lets you email invoices and statements containing a payment link, allowing customers to pay you online. Learn more.

Lead Tracking

You can create and track leads. Convert leads to customers and track their status as well as the source of the lead. New reports show how long it took to convert leads and more.

New Look and Feel

We’ve updated the look of the Sales & Purchases windows to streamline our most important data entry screens. They are resizable and much easier to read. Along the way we’ve tweaked the fonts and layout of many other windows.


New Profitability reports show the profitability of items, customers and activities.

Create Copy

Create a template based on an existing sale or quote with the details from the original by choosing “Create Copy.”

Void Check

Void any kind of check and mark it as reconciled. Transaction journals and recaps will show the transaction as void. The memo field is updated on each transaction.

Purge Quotes

Purge quotes and lead records that didn’t convert to sales and are no longer needed.

Historical Reports

Start building seven years of Profit and Loss reports and Balance Sheets. A new Multi-Year Spreadsheet report displays year–over–year comparisons in columns.

Search by Card

The Bank Register lets you search by Card in order to see all bank transactions associated with a vendor, customer, etc.

Full Service Payroll

Our online payroll service includes a new design to make payroll data entry, processing and reporting easier and faster with less steps.

Reset System Date

If you’ve left AccountEdge running overnight, it will ask if you want to update the date when you resume using the program.

New Fields & Filters

The Card Summary and Card Detail Report include custom fields for Customer/Vendor/Lead Since, Lead Status and Lead Source. Filter by Customer/Vendor/Lead Since depending on the Card Type selected.

Advanced Filtering

Use advanced filters to search the Bank Register and the Sales and Purchases Registers.

Updated Job Report

Updated Job Exception Report displays lines of sales that are only partially allocated to ensure that you have allocated appropriately.

Add Department

Add a department onto a Bank Deposit transaction so that you can apply a department to bank fees and overages, as well as cash back.

Apply Departments

Apply departments to lines on Inventory Adjustments, as well as split a transaction line across multiple Departments.


Auto-populate your Customer Since and Lead Since date. When new customers are created, the software will set either the Customer Since or Lead Since date so you know how long a customer has been with you.

Filter by Card Type

Filter by Card Type in the Bank Register, as well as a source journal, check number, amount to/from and Memo & Payee.

Partial Job Alerts

When a job is partially allocated, “Partial” is displayed in the job field on sales lines, etc., as well as on reports.

Delete Warning

A confirmation warning message appears before anything is mistakenly deleted.

Back and Next

Use new back and next arrows on the Sales & Purchases window to flip through your transactions.

Scroll Support

Scroll while in edit fields on various screens. In past releases, scrolling using a scroll wheel was disabled when the focus was in an edit control/field.

Card List Changes

The columns on the Card List will change to display appropriate columns based on the Card Type.

New for 2015

Serialized Inventory

Serialized inventory brings a thousands-of-dollars feature set to small and medium sized businesses at an affordable price. Resellers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and other item-based businesses can track serial numbers from purchase through sale, and beyond with warranty tracking.

  • Flexible, 40-character maximum, alpha-numeric serial number creation
  • Choose a serial number to sell while creating an invoice
  • Add serial numbers to items at purchase, or during the sale process
  • Attach a warranty to a serial number. It will activate when you sell an item. Check if warranties are valid via a serial number report

Commission Tracking

With commission tracking, you can choose a fixed percentage or amount as a commission, or create a custom rate per item or per activity. Assign your commission rates by salesperson and add them to invoices. Choose whether to pay commissions based on sale date or payment, and add the payment to a paycheck, or cut a check separately.

  • Calculate salesperson commissions on sales transactions
  • Create commission rate levels as a fixed percentage, fixed amount, or using a custom rate
  • Custom rates can be calculated as a percentage, by amount, or by a percentage of the margin per item/activity
  • Add vendors to invoices as a salesperson

AccountEdge Connect Direct Sync

Sync AccountEdge Pro directly with AccountEdge Connect without using Dropbox. Transactions and changes made in Connect are automatically uploaded, and synced when you open AccountEdge desktop and choose to sync.

Sync times will be faster and more efficient after the initial sync. Direct Sync requires AccountEdge Pro 2014 or later.

AccountEdge Connect new features

  • Convert quotes to orders to invoices
  • Price changes in AccountEdge Pro affect quotes in AccountEdge Connect
  • When payments are applied and synced in Pro, the amount due in Connect is automatically updated
  • When selecting items, inventory levels are synced and displayed, with immediate notification if there is not enough inventory on hand for sale
  • When tracking and billing for time, commission rate levels – including custom levels – are synced and applied
  • Create and add serial numbers to sales in Connect
  • Add headers, subtotals and blank lines on sales
  • Email customers directly from the customer list or customer record
  • New email preferences include: alias, reply-to, cc:, and email signature

Hide inactives

You now have the option to Hide Inactive on various lists including Cards, Items, Retainers and Jobs List.

1099 preparation made easier

  • Filter by 1099 Category (e.g. Royalty, Rent) when preparing 1099s
  • Filter by amount range when choosing vendors for 1099 printing to limit 1099s to those that are required (e.g. those over $600)
  • Total 1099-Misc Payments amount and the number of vendors selected is now viewable on the Review 1099/1096 window to review prior to printing
  • After printing 1099s, your filters and selections will be carried over to prepare your 1096 form
  • 1099 Final Information report contains the 1099 details by vendor

Shopify inventory sync

Now sync inventory levels with Shopify. Allocate a quantity that you wish to reserve for AccountEdge to ensure you have stock on-hand locally and then allocate an amount to sell on Shopify.

Job reporting & splitting jobs

Allocate an amount to multiple jobs on a single transaction line. For example, pay your lawn care bill and allocate a portion of your payment to each of your properties. Allocate across multiple jobs by amount or percent.

Invoice & Purchase PDF naming

When emailing sales and purchases, PDF attachment file names will now reference the invoice and purchase numbers (instead of eSale.pdf).

Departments on time sheets

Allocate employee time/cost to departments via Time Sheets. Also split the time between multiple departments. The department allocations will flow to Process Payroll and can be saved and split within Recurring Pay.

Split Departments by Percentage

When allocating a line to a department you will now be able to split the amount using a percentage vs needing to calculate each dollar amount.

Adding Vendors to Invoices as a Salesperson

If you hire subcontractors to perform a sales role, you now have the option to include vendors in the Salesperson list when creating sales. On a Vendor card you can select (under Card Details) the Commissionable Salesperson check box. Even if you're not using the Commission feature in AccountEdge, you can check this box so that you can select this vendor as a salesperson on a sale.

Logging Out Active Users (AccountEdge Network Edition Only)

Administrator users can now view active users in a company file and log them out gracefully. This is helpful if a user’s computer falls asleep while connected to a company file, when you might need to perform a single user task like starting a new fiscal year or if you can't turn off FileConnect because users are still connected. This is performed via File/Active Workstations (by an administrator user only).

Transaction Journal - All Transactions Faster

The "All" tab in the Transaction Journal has been optimized to generate faster when viewing All Transactions.

Import/Export Transactions with Split Multiple Department/Job Allocations

Transactions that have lines split between multiple jobs or departments can now be imported/exported.

Consolidated Journal Entries

When recording sales and purchases, journal entry lines will be consolidated into a single line (when the same account is being used). If different jobs are used, the term "Split” is displayed to indicate that the line covers multiple jobs. The result is smaller journal entries, especially with long sales with multiple lines, which in turn decreases company file size over time.

New for 2014

Shopify Integration

Create your store at

Introduced AccountEdge Connect

AccountEdge Connect lets you, your employees or your contractors add data to AccountEdge wherever they are, without giving them access to your books. Learn more.

Departments and Profit Centers

Departmental accounting is here. If you've been using Jobs or Categories to assign transactions to departments, now you can have true departmental tracking on a line-item basis.

Combine Items

Combine duplicate or similar items into one. This feature helps you keep your items list clean and organized by moving all item attributes and transactions into one item.

Product Variations

Create variations for an item (sizes and colors, etc.,), and then create values for each variation, giving you the ability to track and sell your items with much greater detail and precision.

Improved Jobs Reporting

Filter your job reports to span fiscal years. Include financial information on job reports from the previous, current, or next fiscal year. Simply choose your date range, even if it includes two fiscal years.

Returns and Credit Memos

It’s one step to create a credit memo from a sales invoice using the new create credit memo button. As a new sales transaction type, you can also choose credit memo from the type drop-down or sync them from Shopify to settle them in AccountEdge.

Rerun Integration

Rerun is subscription and membership billing made easy. It gives your customers or clients an easy, online payment method for recurring subscription or membership billing, and integrates with AccountEdge. Learn more.

New for 2013

Document Management

Attach files to records in AccountEdge, including documents, images and scans. Bookkeepers can scan bills and invoices from vendors and attach to purchases or expense transactions. Salespeople might attach a signed service agreement to an invoice. Accountants may attach I9 forms to an employee record.

Retainers, Escrow and Trust Accounts

Create Trust, Escrow and Retainer accounts. AccountEdge’s retainer feature comes with time-saving usability updates to create Retainer, Escrow and Trust accounts, including linking bank accounts, writing checks directly from these accounts, and easily transferring funds into and out of these accounts.

Improved Bank Statement Import

Importing and reconciling bank statements is more streamlined and intuitive with the new Bank Statement Import. The new "worksheet" acts as a middle-man between import and reconciliation to improve the workflow of dealing with bank statements. Plus, rules can be created to look for and match transactions.

Batch Delete

If you've been using AccountEdge for a few years, you've probably accumulated some contact cards or items that are no longer needed. New Batch Delete will help you clean up your card lists. Select multiple cards or items and delete them in a batch with a single mouse click.

Expanded Tax Code Field

If your state has multiple tax jurisdictions and authorities, or if you need to create tax codes for multiple states, now you can create tax codes up to 5 characters in length, up from 3 in earlier versions of AccountEdge.

Change Orders

If you create estimates for clients, you probably need to deal with changes to the estimate during the process. The new Change Orders feature tracks what changed on your estimate and lets you keep notes on why a change was made.

Sales & Purchases Notes

Add notes to sales and purchase orders. If you want to make notes on quotes, orders, or invoices about sales or purchase details, now there's a notes field where you can do so.

Billing Rate Reports

If you bill for time, there are three new reports waiting for you: Bill Rate Level Summary, Bill Rate Level Detail, and Card Detail.

Updated Financial Statements

Financial statements – including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports – have been redesigned to make them cleaner and easier to read.

Employee Mileage Logs

Update to AccountEdge’s mileage feature lets you choose to track mileage by vehicle or employee. You can also set multiple rates for mileage entries. Track your company mileage with the new vehicle and employee mileage logs.

New for 2012

Track your mileage

Whether you depreciate your vehicle, reimburse for mileage, or bill your clients for miles driven, you can use AccountEdge to track your mileage. Add your vehicles to the vehicle list, then enter the starting and ending readings of your odometer.

Multiple billing rates

Create a matrix of billing rates, by activity, employee, and customer, so that you can charge different rates for the same activity. For example, you can use custom billing rates to set up rate schedules based on employee seniority.

New command center

While retaining the familiar flow chart layout, the new Side Bar and additional menus, Sync and Lists, make it easier to read and navigate your company file.

Side bar

The Side Bar lets you get to recently visited places in AccountEdge. Create a Favorites list for one-click access to your most used windows.

New welcome window

You can access company file maintenance without having to open the company file, and navigate to support tools directly. The new RSS feed gives up-to-the-minute news on product updates and new releases.

New billing statement invoice type

Make it easier for your customers to see where they stand with AccountEdge’s new billing statement invoice. Four new invoices include statement details like current and ending balance and an invoice aging statement. Overdue invoices are aged as of the print date of the invoice.

Restore company file

Restore a company file without having to open it in AccountEdge first. Use the new Company File Maintenance drop-down menu in the welcome window to restore your company file.

Dropbox backup/restore

Back up online and offsite with a free Dropbox account. Former MobileMe customers may consider using Dropbox in replacement for Apple's discontinued iDisk.

Streamline your invoicing

Use the new Statements with Invoice Details to send a single monthly statement that includes the detail of each invoice. An item statement will show each item with cost, and a service or professional will show each description with cost.

Longer statement descriptions

The description fields on statements now wrap and show the entire text from memo fields.

Expanded amount in English on checks

We’ve improved how AccountEdge prints checks with amounts over $100,000 written out in English, rather than numerically.

Updated Start a New Year assistants

The Start a New Fiscal Year and Start a New Payroll Year assistants have new, easier to read layouts for better usability. You can also choose to retain or purge prior year Progress Billing information.

New for 2011

Progress billing

Contractors, architects, engineering firms, and others that bill by project or job can now bill as work is completed. Bill by percentage of the total quote, percentage of each line item, quantity, rate, and more and AccountEdge will manage the invoicing of the entire project from start to finish. You can even bill in excess of 100% of the original quote for overages, change orders, and expenses.


Lawyers, graphic designers, and others that need to manage retainers can create and maintain retainers the way they want to. Set up and manage retainers in AccountEdge, keep a minimum retainer balance, and add expenses to a retainer to pay bills on behalf of clients. Request replenishment, receive payments, and print custom retainer statements with a single click.

Create an invoice from a purchase

If you regularly incur expenses on behalf of your customers, kill two birds with one stone by recording a purchase for the original cost of the expense, and then automatically creating an invoice to bill your customer’s retainer account.

Updated search on select from list

We’ve heard you loud and clear and reinstated the old way of searching through lists, while keeping the “starts with” and “contains” method introduced in AccountEdge 2010. Search by any text string, or modify your search by specific field.

Sales and purchases action buttons

Frequently used functions are quickly accessed with the new action button that appears on sales and purchases windows. Click the button to open a simple drop down menu that lets you quickly use or save a recurring transaction, change exchange rates, and much more.

Increased description, note, and email message field size

No more abbreviated notes, descriptions or emails in AccountEdge. We’ve increased field sizes for descriptions, notes and email messages to 1000 characters.

Check redesign looks more like paper counterpart

AccountEdge’s check interface has been redesigned to be more in line with printed checks.

Reconciled date on account history report

Keep track of when your banking accounts were last reconciled with the new Reconciled Date field on the Account History report.