What's new in AccountEdge Pro?

Know More About Your Jobs

Jobs Enhancements

New Jobs Window

A larger Jobs window includes tabs for Profile, Details, Budget Analysis, Transactions and Activity Slips for in-depth and at-hand information. The window is now scalable as well.

Easier Job Budgeting and Analysis

The new Budget Analysis tab adds $, % and Up & Down arrows for easier functionality and allows you to edit your budget amounts for the Job as well as calculate and display your adjusted budget and compare to actuals, all in one window.

Job Status

Customize your job status to see what’s in progress, pending, completed, on hold, or whatever you choose.

View All Tracked Time for a Job

The Jobs List window now includes a tab for Activity Slips, displaying any tracked time that is tied to a job, and allowing you to drill into the Activity Slip or print out the list as a report.

Related Transactions for Jobs

A new Transactions tab in the Jobs information window gives you easy access to a list of all transactions related to each Job, including quotes, and viewable in summary or detail.

Search for Jobs

Search for Jobs by number, name and linked customer from the Jobs List window.

Promise Date

You can enter a Promise Date on a Job as an easy reminder of completion schedules.

Jobs With Linked Customers

When creating a sale to a customer that has a single Job associated with it, the Job Number will automatically be assigned to each line of a transaction, which can be removed or overwritten.

Custom Lists and Fields for Jobs

Add 3 Custom Lists and 3 Custom Fields to better track your Jobs. Define the List names and List members, as well as the Field names. Use your Custom Lists as filters for Job reports.

Jobs Address and Contact Information

Now include address and contact information for a Job from a Linked Customer address and phone number, or by manually entering it. This would be helpful if your Jobs are associated with a Job Site or Job Location.

Purging Jobs

A new option to Purge Jobs is helpful for removing unused, older Jobs from a large list. When purging jobs, the selected job will be deleted and removed from all transactions.

Jobs Notes

A Notes field is added to Jobs, in addition to the Description field.

Job Transactions Summary Report

The new Jobs Transactions Summary report provides a list of transactions, including quotes and orders, associated with selected Jobs. Filter on Transaction Type and Sale and Purchase Status.

Create Item Kits and Easier Auto Build Items

Item Kits

An easy way to sell a group of items, Item Kits lets you sell a Kit comprised of different items, without having to inventory the items.

You have the option to display the single Kit and pricing on your printed invoice, or to display the Kit components with individual pricing, which is what will show on your screen.

Apply a percentage discount to the Kit, or discount or edit component item prices and the Kit price will be recalculated.

Item Window Changes

The Item Information window now displays the Item Number and Item Name at the top of the window so that it can be seen no matter which tab you are viewing.

Copy Auto-Build From

If you’re regularly creating Auto-Build Items, you can now use “Copy Auto-Build From” to create an Auto Build item with the same details and components of another Auto Build item. You can also simply copy the component items to use on an existing auto-build item.

The Item List Detail Report now includes a custom field for Standard Cost that can be added to your report. This is helpful if you use Standard Cost vs. Last Cost when purchasing items.

View More Information With Scalable Windows

New Scalable Windows

Scaling windows will enlarge the columns, enabling you to see longer item names and numbers. The Jobs Detail, Count Inventory, Transaction Journal and Prepare Time Billing Activity Log windows are now resizable and scalable.

Scalable/Sortable Windows (Win. only)

The following windows are scalable so that the columns will increase in width for viewing more information. Clicking the column header will also sort the columns of these windows: Find Transactions, Bank Register, Sales Register, Purchases Register, Items Register, Reconcile window, To Do List, Cards List, and Items List. Feature exists on Mac.

Power Up Your Business

Paid Stamp

A Paid Stamp is now a custom field on your Sales forms and will appear on printed and PDF Sales forms, positioned where you like. This helps to avoid confusion when re-sending a copy of a paid invoice to a client, for example.

Add Notes on Bank Reconciliation & Payments

When reconciling a bank account, you now have the ability to add a note with the reconciliation. These notes are available on the Reconciliation Report when displayed or printed.

Calendar Events & Reminders (Mac Only)

When recording transactions, you can once again create a calendar event in the macOS Calendar app, such as a reminder of when a payment for a sale is due. You can also create a reminder from the Card File.

Deleting Deposits

Going forward, you’ll be able to edit or delete the deposit payment after an order has been converted into an invoice, allowing you to also then delete the Sale if needed.

Web Pay Direct Pay Option

You now have the option to let your customers pay you online without having them create a Web Pay Direct account. Enable this option on the Connect customer record, and they can make a direct payment for that invoice.

Faster Bank Register

The Bank Register loads and sorts faster to accommodate displaying a large number of transactions. It also scrolls more quickly as you move down the list.

Refreshed OfficeLink Templates

The OfficeLink Excel reports are more attractive with updated fonts and font sizes.

Attachments on Bank Deposits

You can now attach documents, such as a bank statement, when using Prepare Bank Deposit.

Calendar Icon

The date fields now have a calendar for faster selection of your dates.

One Click Email

Click the new email icon on the Contact Card to more quickly create an email.

Faster Network Edition

The Items Register, Sales Register and Purchases Register will now load and sort faster for Network Edition.

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