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What's new in AccountEdge Pro?

Announcing Bank Feeds

Automatically import bank and credit card transactions from over 12,000 financial institutions. Connect your checking and credit card accounts in AccountEdge to your checking, savings and credit card providers. Reconcile quicker, easier and more often. Monthly subscription required. Learn more about AccountEdge bank feeds.

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New Sales Tax Features

Sales Tax by State Reports

Need to report and file sales tax in multiple states? Our new set of sales tax reports let you filter by state, choose all states, and include sales without a state associated with them.

Quickly analyze your state-by-state sales to see in which states you need to file taxes with these new reports:

  • Sales Tax by State Summary
  • Sales Tax by State Detail
  • Sales Tax by State Summary (Cash)
  • Sales Tax by State Detail (Cash)

Longer Tax Codes

It’s easier to manage your tax requirements with longer tax codes. If you have many sales tax regions and codes to keep tabs on, we’ve extended the character limit to 10 characters, which will even let you name your tax codes for more easier identification.

Tax Code Default per Card Address

Assign a unique tax code to each of the five available address records on customer and vendor cards. This way, if you are shipping to an address that is taxed differently, the appropriate tax code will populate your sales and purchases. By default, the tax code you have associated with a customer or vendor will automatically be applied to all five addresses.

Use Tax

Depending on where you live, you may be required to track and pay sales tax on purchases where a vendor did not apply tax on that purchase. This type of tax code doesn’t add tax to the transaction, but tracks the tax that you would owe for Use Tax. Sales tax reports include a new section that breaks out purchases for which you may owe Use Tax.

Sales Tax Report Tab

All sales tax reports have moved to their own unique Sales Tax tab in the Index to Reports, making it easier to find and manage all fourteen reports.

Tax Exception Report

Find mistakes on transactions where tax has been applied incorrectly with the Tax Exception report. This report lists where you (or someone else using AccountEdge) changed the tax code on sales and purchases transactions.

Transaction Tax Codes Report

Identify transactions whose tax code changed from the default, grouped by income account, on a line-by-line basis. This report shows the debits and credits to each account –– by line –– and the entered and default tax code used.

Tax Information Reconciliation Detail and Summary Reports

If a transaction was created mistakenly using the tax liability account, this report compares tax collected to the linked sales tax liability account for a given period of time to identify any discrepancies.

New in AccountEdge Connect

Online Customer Orders (AccountEdge Connect)

Customers can place a Sales Order via AccountEdge Connect’s customer portal. You can use the Connect to choose which items are available, which customers are permitted to place sales orders, and require a credit card payment or other payment option. Price levels, quantity discounts, and customer item discounts are automatically applied based on the customer and item being sold.

Mass Emailing of Statements (AccountEdge Connect)

Send customizable statements to customers by group. Email those with overdue balances, or those overdue by a chosen number of days. And if you process credit card payments, using the customer portal will send customers an email with a Pay Now button included for easier customer payments.

More New Features in AccountEdge 2020

Customer Payment Details Report

Track down payments and determine which invoices a customer paid off with the new Customer Payment Details report. It lists each payment received and which sale the payment was applied to, across a date range. Filter by date, customer, amount, payment ID Number, and many other fields.

Vendor Payments Details Report

Similar to the Customer Payment Detail report, this new report lists payments which you have made to Vendors, and includes which Bills the payment was applied to. Filter by date range, vendor, session date, Check/Trans ID number, amount range, and more.

Default Forms Setup

Set default forms of your choosing for transactions such as Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and more.

Past Due Stamp

A new custom field called Past Due stamp is available on sales forms. Add this field to your form and print or email an invoice. If the sale is overdue according to the terms you have set up for the customer, the new Past Due stamp appears on the form. This is a great way to resend overdue invoices to let the customer know they need to make a (late) payment.

Custom Phone Field Labels

Assign labels to specific contact numbers in the Card File. Choose from Mobile, Home, Work, or create your own label to help differentiate numbers on a contact card.

Shipping Fields for Forms

Add additional fields to your sales forms including invoices, orders, and packing slips to include shipping information. These fields correspond to those in the Shipping Details window on a sale. The new fields include are:

  • Sales Tax by State Summary
  • Sales Tax by State Detail
  • Sales Tax by State Summary (Cash)
  • Sales Tax by State Detail (Cash)

To Do List Stock Alert

Easily reorder low inventory from the Stock tab. Found in the To Do List, see items that are in need of reorder by Item Name and Item Number.

Faster Loading of the Find Transactions and Items Register Windows

The Find Transaction window and the Items Register both load twice as fast in AccountEdge 2020, which will be welcome news for businesses that with large items lists, lots of inventory-related transactions, and/or otherwise have large company files.

2020 W-4 Changes

For 2020 a new checkbox for W-4 Step 2 is included on Employee payroll records on the Employee Payroll Detail Taxes tab. This new option is for those who have a second job or a spouse with a job. Once checked, a different set of tax tables/formulas are used for Federal taxes.

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