What's new in AccountEdge Pro?

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Zapier and AccountEdge Connect

Zapier allows you to link AccountEdge Connect with thousands of web apps to create custom workflows using your accounting data.

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Microsoft Power BI and AccountEdge

Create graphs, charts, maps and more with the latest data from your AccountEdge company file. Use filters to visualize changes in data sets by date, customer, vendor, item or any other field.

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Custom Transaction IDs

Customize your sales and purchases transaction IDs. Available in AccountEdge 2022 and later.

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Square and AccountEdge

Import customers and paid Square transactions into AccountEdge. Available in AccountEdge 2022 and later.

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More Features in v2022

  • Reset Item Prices on Open Quotes
  • From the quotes screen, include activities for item/time invoices.
  • Show totals in All Sales and All Purchases tabs on registers screens.
  • Access Recurring Transaction Reminders from the To Do List window after launch
  • Use AccountEdge print driver by default
  • Log out user from File Connect
  • Password Reset with Code from Support
  • Save the Last Selected Column and Sort Direction on the following windows:
    • Receive Payments (Mac and Windows)
    • Pay Bills (Mac and Windows)
    • Sales Register (Windows)
    • Purchases Register (Windows)
    • Cards List (Windows)
    • Find Transactions (Windows)
    • Bank Register (Windows)
    • Prepare Bank Deposit (Mac and Windows)
    • Reconcile Accounts (Windows)
    • Items Register (Windows)
    • Items List (Windows)
    • To Do List (Windows)
    • VAT Reconciliation (Mac and Windows)

AccountEdge 2022 Overview

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