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2. Customize Checks

Task 1 Display the Check

  • 1. Go to Setup on the top menu bar, choose Customize Forms and select Checks
  • 2. Select the check layout you want to customize In the Form to Customize field, and click Customize

A check form has two parts: the check itself and the stub. You will need to customize the check and the stub separately.

By default the customize window will have Check selected from the Layout dropdown. After you have finished editing the check portion to your needs, you can then edit the stub portion based on transaction type.

  • • Regular - assigned to checks recorded in Spend Money
  • • Payable - assigned to checks recorded in Pay Bills
  • • Refund - assigned to checks recorded in Credit Memo
  • • Paycheck - assigned to checks recorded in Payroll

Task 2 Set up Check Properties

  • 1. Click the Format or Form Properties button
  • 2. Type the number you want to print per page
  • 3. Select the required type of paper from the Paper list
  • 4. Set the size and margins

Note: If you are printing four checks per 11x17-inch page, type the width and height of a single check and not the width and height of the 11x17-inch page.

You can also:

  • • Make the grid visible in the layout, select Show Grid. The grid is only used for customization and will not be printed.
  • • Align the top and left margins of fields with the closest grid lines when you are repositioning them, select Snap to Grid.
  • • Change the spacing between the grid lines, make a selection from the Grid Size menu.
  • • Select a background graphic:
    • 1. In the Background Options section, click Browse or Insert Background
    • 2. Select the graphic file you want to use and click Open
    • 3. Select the Display settings for the graphic

Task 3 Add and Edit Elements

Add, remove, or edit elements—such as text, graphics, and lines—according to your needs.

To add a data field:

  • 1. Click the Fields button

NOTE: The field in this list that are bold, are currently being used on the form.

  • 2. Select the fields you require by clicking in the select column next to them. For a list of fields with descriptions, click here.
  • 3. Click Add

To add a text field

  • 1. Click the Text button
  • 2. Move the field to where you want by dragging and dropping or using your keyboard arrows
  • 3. To add your text to the field, double-click it
  • 4. Type your text in the field and click OK

To change the font in a data field or text field:

  • 1. Select the data or text field you want to change
  • 2. Click the Format or Change Fonts button
  • 3. Make your choices in the Font, Font Style, Size, Justify, and Effects fields

NOTE: Every form in AccountEdge is assigned default fonts. You can change these default fonts if you prefer all of your forms to have a different font and font size than the default.

  • 1. Go to the File menu and choose Default Fonts
  • 2. Click Forms
  • 3. Choose the font style and size for the printed characters on your forms
  • 4. Click OK when you have finished

Task 4 Preview the Customized Check

At any time during the customization process, you can display a screen preview of your work.

  • 1. Click the Print button on the customize toolbar
  • 2. Click Preview
  • 3. When you have finished previewing your work, click Close
  • 4. If you want to print, click Print. Or click Close to return to the Customize window

Task 5 Save the Customized Check

When you are satisfied with the changes you have made, you should save the customized form.

  • • If you want to create a new custom form that contains the changes you have made, click Save Form As. Enter a name and a brief description for the new layout and click OK
  • • If you have modified a custom form you created previously, click Save Form