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5. Customize Payment Notifications

Task 1 Display the Payment Notification

  • 1. Go to Setup on the top menu bar, choose Customize Forms and select Payment Notifications.
  • 2. Select the payment notification type and layout you want to customize, and click Customize.

Form Layout for Payment Notifications:

  • • Pay Bills - assigned to Purchases transactions
  • • Spend Money - assigned to Spend Money transactions
  • • Credit Refunds - assigned to Credit Memo transactions

Task 2 Set up Payment Notification Properties

  • 1. Click the Format or Form Properties button
  • 2. Type the number you want to print per page
  • 3. Select the required type of paper from the Paper list
  • 4. Set the size and margins

You can also:

  • • Make the grid visible in the layout, select Show Grid. The grid is only used for customization and will not be printed.
  • • Align the top and left margins of fields with the closest grid lines when you are repositioning them, select Snap to Grid.
  • • Change the spacing between the grid lines, make a selection from the Grid Size menu.
  • • Select a background graphic:
    • 1. In the Background Options section, click Browse or Insert Background
    • 2. Select the graphic file you want to use and click Open
    • 3. Select the Display settings for the graphic

Task 3 Add and Edit Payment Notification Elements

Add, remove, or edit elements—such as text, graphics, and lines—according to your needs.

To add a data field:

  • 1. Click the Fields button

NOTE: The field in this list that are bold, are currently being used on the form.

  • 2. Select the fields you require by clicking in the select column next to them. For a list of fields with descriptions, click here.
  • 3. Click Add

To add a text field

  • 1. Click the Text button
  • 2. Move the field to where you want by dragging and dropping or using your keyboard arrows
  • 3. To add your text to the field, double-click it
  • 4. Type your text in the field and click OK

To change the font in a data field or text field:

  • 1. Select the data or text field you want to change
  • 2. Click the Format or Change Fonts button
  • 3. Make your choices in the Font, Font Style, Size, Justify, and Effects fields

NOTE: Every form in AccountEdge is assigned default fonts. You can change these default fonts if you prefer all of your forms to have a different font and font size than the default.

  • 1. Go to the File menu and choose Default Fonts
  • 2. Click Forms
  • 3. Choose the font style and size for the printed characters on your forms
  • 4. Click OK when you have finished

Task 4 Preview the Payment Notification

At any time during the customization process, you can display a screen preview of your work.

  • 1. Click the Print button on the customize toolbar
  • 2. Click Preview
  • 3. When you have finished previewing your work, click Close
  • 4. If you want to print, click Print. Or click Close to return to the Customize window

Task 5 Save the Payment Notification

When you are satisfied with the changes you have made, you should save the customized form.

  • • If you want to create a new custom form that contains the changes you have made, click Save Form As. Enter a name and a brief description for the new layout and click OK
  • • If you have modified a custom form you created previously, click Save Form