Contact Management

Contact management helps you maintain good relations with leads, customers, vendors, and employees. Keep all their details in one place for easier use in your sales, purchases, and marketing activities.


Track your customers’ contact information with up to 5 sets of contacts. Set default selling details and payment methods with custom pricing and payment terms, and those fields will autofill on quotes, orders, and invoices.

Customer Portal

With AccountEdge Connect, your customers can log into their customer portal to view open and closed transactions and make easy, secure payments.

Employee and Vendor Tracking

Keep track of your employees’ and vendors’ contact information. You can set up and maintain employee payroll data and vendors’ payment methods, terms, and other buying details.

Lead Tracking

Track your leads, including source and status, and automatically convert them into customers once you create a sale, and manage the number of days to convert your leads.

Why AccountEdge?

Knowing your customers and vendors will help you manage sales and costs and build relationships to help your business grow. AccountEdge will let you track leads that become customers, vendors, employees, and other contacts and give you insights into all your transactions and communication associated with them.

why accountedge
Custom Lists and Fields

Custom Lists and Fields

Create custom lists and fields and assign them to cards, price levels, items, and jobs. Great for filtering reports based on your specific business needs.

Email Contacts

Email Contacts

Integrate your email to send your contacts sales and purchase forms or marketing emails.



Assign tags to your customer, vendor, and other cards to create report filters to send holiday cards, special announcements, mailing labels, and more.

Customize Emails and Letters

AccountEdge comes with templates, or you can write your own that you can customize and send to your contacts. Have AccountEdge automatically fill in their name, mailing address, and email address.

Default Payment Methods

Set up default payment methods for customers and vendors, including terms and credit limits.


Track your client and vendor engagement history so you know their last payments, avg days to pay, highest balances, and largest invoice.


Set up reminders for tasks you need to complete or tie them to a card to ensure you stay in contact with your customers, vendors, and other contacts.


Customize and view CRM reports for customers, vendors, employees, and other contacts. Reports include lead source and status tracking, conversion reports, customer history, and employee activity detail.