Data Management

Create unlimited company files and manage your data easily with imports and exports, on-screen analysis, hundreds of software reports, and PowerBI exports to gain further insights into your operations.


Use our simple field mapping tool to import or export list or transaction records in comma-separated or tab-delimited text formats.

Power BI

Create graphs, charts, maps, and more with the latest data from your AccountEdge company file. Use filters to visualize changes in data sets by date, customer, vendor, item, or any other field.

Report Customization

View, print, export, and customize hundreds of reports to your unique needs. Define advanced reporting filters, select report fields, use custom lists to refine your reports, and send them to Excel, email, pdf, text, or html files to help you manage your operations.

Working With Your Accountant

Request a free copy of AccountEdge for your accountant and share your Mac or Windows company files.

Why AccountEdge?

Taking care of your data is essential, from making daily backups to optimizing and verifying your company file. AccountEdge makes all three of these critical processes easy so you can spend more time in your business, not just working on your business.

Audit Trail Tracking

Audit Trail Tracking

Track specific system changes to your company file, listing modifications for accounts, transactions, and system settings by User ID.

Back Up Your Data

Back Up Your Data

Back up a compressed copy of your company file locally or on Dropbox.

Custom Transaction Numbers

Custom Transaction Numbers

Define your own unique sales and purchase transaction numbers.

Setup Assistants

Setup Assistants

Use our integrated assistants to set up your company file and configure the features you use to customize your unique workflow.

User IDs & Security

User IDs & Security

Set up User IDs for your team and customize access by person or role to most AccountEdge functions.



Link AccountEdge Connect to Zapier and share your data by automating workflows based on triggers and actions with thousands of web apps.

Microsoft Office Integration

Easily send your reports to Excel and create custom templates in Word to use for mail merge letters or labels.


On-screen analysis tools present your financial data in spreadsheets or graphical formats to further explore all aspects of your business.

Company Data Auditor

Get details on your Company File, including location, file size, last backup, and more.

Company File Optimization and Verification

Clean up your company file, remove unused space, and check your data for errors.


Search for any record or transaction using specific date ranges and filters.


Quickly access all list-related details and easily change the data needed to create transactions and run reports.


Purge closed transactions and record details without affecting account balances.

To-Do List

Manage your day-to-day tasks from general reminders, low-stock alerts, recurring transactions, and more.