Time Billing

Selling time and tracking work-in-progress is critical if your work is project or job based. Create custom billing rates and track time for your employees using time sheets or activity slips.

Billing Rate Levels

Manage different activity billing rates based on fixed or custom rates per activity by percentage or amount.

Create Activity Slips and Timesheets

Track time worked on jobs with both billable and non-billable activities. Create individual activity slips or track employee hours with timesheets and optionally use them to process payroll.

Prepare Time Billing Invoice

Easily create an invoice based on your timesheets or activity slips. Adjust billable amounts in dollars or units before creating an invoice.

Track Jobs

Keep track of the progress of specific jobs, including income and expenses, and see your profit margin.

Why AccountEdge?

Selling your time is easy, but defining billing rates is not. AccountEdge can help you save time by tracking timesheets and creating job-based budgets to help you bid more successfully.

Customize Activities

Customize Activities

Define activities that can be hourly or non-hourly, billable or non-billable, giving you as much flexibility as you need to manage employee hours.

Track Time Remotely

Track Time Remotely

AccountEdge Connect allows users to record activities and timesheets and apply them to a payroll category without needing access to AccountEdge on the desktop.

Unit of Measurement

Unit of Measurement

Define and charge for non-hourly activities like a number of copies or miles.


Customize and view time billing reports for activities, customers, employees, jobs, and productivity. Reports include rate exceptions, unprocessed activity slips, and billing rate levels.

Activity Log

View a list of activities by vendor or employee by a selected date range.