Tracking purchases and expenses helps you better manage your inventory and overhead costs. Manage your vendors, payments, and recurring transactions.

Create Purchase Orders

Create and track your open and closed purchase orders. Receive items to your inventory from a purchase order without reentering data.

Pay Bills

Manage open payables by the vendor and create ACH electronic payments, print a check, or record payments manually.

Print 1099, 1096, and RL-1

Keep track of money paid to non-payroll employees or vendor sub-contractors, and prepare their tax forms.

Vendor Payments

Use our optional service to pay vendors electronically via ACH transfer or direct deposit for employee paychecks.

Why AccountEdge?

You have to spend money to make money. But you also have to track those expenditures, for inventoried items, overhead, or other investments is critical.

why accountedge
Convert Bills to Orders

Convert Bills to Orders

Create quotes, purchase orders, or bills; use the 'convert to' option so you don't have to re-enter data to create an order or invoice.

Recurring Expenses

Recurring Expenses

Manage the transactions you record daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Enter these transactions one time and then automatically create future transactions or set reminders.

Track Vehicle Mileage

Track Vehicle Mileage

Define your vehicles, assign a rate, track odometer settings, and track employee mileage reimbursements.


Distribute funds on a purchase transaction to one or more jobs allocated by dollar amount or percentage.

Customize Forms

Customize your purchase orders, checks, 1099, 1096, T4, and RL-1 by adding and moving fields and inserting images, logos, and shapes. Either purchase our approved AccountEdge Checks and Forms or bring your own and customize them.


Customize and view reports based on payables, items, vendors, bills, payments, and history.

Attach Transaction Receipts

Stay organized by attaching essential business documents to an invoice or purchase.

Vendor Payment Terms

Define vendor terms with discount days, balance due days, early payment discounts, and item discounts.