Sales are a critical component of your business. Create and send customer invoices for products, services, or time and track payment status on open sales.

Create Sales

Create new sales for your inventory items, services offered, time worked, or miscellaneous sales. Set up recurring transactions based on your schedule.

Manage Retainers, Escrows, and Trusts

Spend and receive escrow funds, request replenishment, and provide your clients with a complete statement of transactions.

Process Credit Cards

Accept credit card payments with an AccountEdge Merchant Account — compatible with both AccountEdge on the desktop and with AccountEdge Connect. Competitive rates and seamless integration.

Salesperson Commissions

Define commission structures based on items or activities as a percentage or dollar amount. Set up commissions to be paid when the sale is created or when payment is received, then print a check or include it with your payroll processing.

Why AccountEdge?

Accurate and timely invoicing and customer payments are the responsibility of every employee, from the front office to the warehouse. AccountEdge will simplify your life with customizable invoices, credit card processing, and web pay capabilities.

Progress Billing

Progress Billing

Progress Billing enables you to create an invoice from a quote by billing your customer for a percentage of the original quote or a quantity, rate, or amount for each line item, enabling you to bill for overages, change orders, and expenses.

AccountEdge Connect

AccountEdge Connect

AccountEdge Connect enables your team to record transactions wherever they are, from any web-enabled device, without giving them full access to your accounting.

Manage Accounts Receivable

Manage Accounts Receivable

Track open invoices and apply payments to specific transactions. Run aging reports to manage your receivables.

Quotes, Orders, and Invoices

Quotes, Orders, and Invoices

Send your customer a quote and convert it easily to an order or an invoice. Keep track of any deposits on orders and invoices.

Square Import

Square Import

Import Square orders to create an AccountEdge invoice with line items for each order since the previous import.

UPS Integration

UPS Integration

Use your UPS account to create and track shipments directly from your sales invoice window, taking advantage of your negotiated rates.

Web Pay

Web Pay

Let customers make full or partial credit card payments and see previous transaction history online from their customer portal. AccountEdge Connect required.



Customize and view sales reports for profit analysis, receivables, items, and commissions. Reports also include kits, lead tracking, and recurring transactions.


Distribute funds on a sales transaction to one or more jobs allocated by dollar amount or percentage.

Attach Documents

Attach essential documents to an invoice for your records. Such as: detailed warranty information, customer contracts, or return policies.

Change Orders

Track changes to quantities, prices, discounts, descriptions, and add new lines to an estimate.

Credit Memo

Create credit memos to record returns or offer your customers a credit that can be applied to a future invoice.

Terms and Credit Limits

Set payment terms and credit limits for your customers.

Email Invoices and Statements

Email or print individual invoices or a complete statement that includes multiple invoices and any customer payments.

Manage Customer Payments

Track payments from customers or retainers, group with undeposited funds, and provide a customizable printed or emailed payment receipt.

Set up Recurring Transactions

Manage sales transactions that you record daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Enter transactions one time then automatically create future transactions or set reminders.

Customize Forms

Customize your service, item, professional, and time billing sales forms for print or email. Also, customize retainer, activity, and invoice statements, which can be printed or emailed. Either purchase our approved and tested AccountEdge Checks and Forms or bring your own and customize them.