Introducing UPS® Shipping Integration

Create shipments from an AccountEdge sales transaction or card. Manage multiple shipping profiles and UPS accounts. Send email notifications, print labels, track and void shipments, schedule a UPS pickup, and more.

Create Shipments

Whether it’s a gift basket you just sold, or a contract you need a signature for, you need to ship something.

Get Shipping Estimates

AccountEdge pulls your negotiated rates1 from UPS, and calculates final cost by adding user-defined markup rates.

Print Completed Paperwork

AccountEdge creates UPS shipping labels and sends your calculated shipping amount back to your sales invoice.

Total Shipping Management

View and print shipping lists, including tracking numbers, void transactions. Manage multiple UPS Accounts and Profiles.

Create Shipments

Easy data entry

Creating a shipment pulls the recipient’s address and contact details from contact cards or invoices and automatically fills it in.

Calculate shipping and handling

Total shipping is calculated based on the packages and services selected with your negotiated rates1 from UPS plus any markup you add to a shipment.

Shipping data on sale

Copy total shipping to your sale along with up to 20 tracking numbers per shipment, which can be included on customer invoices.

Get Shipping Estimates

Negotiated rates1

AccountEdge pulls your negotiated rates from UPS and calculates total shipping based on the shipping service and packaging selected.

User-generated markups

Markups let you add a percentage, a fixed dollar amount, a handling fee, and/or a minimum shipping charge to the estimated cost.

How markups work

Markups are optional. Multiple markups can be applied to a shipment. Total markup is calculated when getting an estimated shipping amount.

Print Completed Paperwork

Print labels

AccountEdge prints UPS shipping labels to a thermal printer or your office laser/inkjet for you to attach to your packages.

Shipping info on sale

If you are shipping items, or just documents, AccountEdge adds the total shipping to the sales invoice. Copy estimated shipping to a sales order.

Tracking numbers on forms

Add your shipment’s tracking numbers to your printed and emailed invoices.

Total Shipping Management

The Shipping Manager

View, search and print shipping lists and labels, track packages and shipments, void and view history.

Accounts and profiles

Manage multiple UPS Accounts and create custom shipping Profiles.

Manage notifications

Up to five email addresses can be defined for shipment, delivery, or exception notifications.

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