Bank Feeds

Sync banking and credit card transactions into AccountEdge directly from your financial institution

Bank Feeds
Fast, convenient, seamless

Fast, convenient, seamless

Connect your bank and credit card accounts to sync transactions for quick reconciliation.

Save Time

Save Time

Transactions are automatically synced into AccountEdge’s Bank Statement window where your existing rules can be applied to simplify your reconciliation.

Single Sync

Single Sync

No more manually importing a monthly bank or credit card statement. All your transactions are synced at one time, no need to get separate statements from each provider.


Bank Feed Integration

Powered by Plaid


Bank Feeds
Powered by Plaid


  • Do I still need to download my bank and credit card statements?

    No, AccountEdge Bank Feeds will automatically sync your bank or credit card transactions with the Import Bank Statement window in AccountEdge. You no longer need to manually download and import your monthly statements into AccountEdge.

  • How many financial institutions can AccountEdge connect to?

    You are able to connect AccountEdge to over 12,000 financial institutions.

  • What about VISA and AMEX?

    Yes, AccountEdge can connect to most of the credit card issuers in the USA and Canada.

  • Can I connect to more than one financial institution with a single Bank Feed subscription?

    Yes, you can use a single Bank Feed subscription with multiple financial institutions.

  • How many general ledger accounts can I connect to a single bank account?

    Bank Feeds can be connected to just one general ledger account in your AccountEdge company file.

  • I’ve never heard of your technology partner, Plaid. Who else integrates with Plaid for bank feeds?

    Many other popular financial apps have partnered with Plaid to enable automated download of banking and credit card transactions. Microsoft, Venmo and American Express are technology partners with Plaid. We’re in good company.

  • Does this help me process banking transactions?

    No. AccountEdge Bank Feeds are a one-way sync, bringing banking and credit card transactions into AccountEdge. Nothing is sent to your bank or credit card company and no transactions are processed.

  • What if I have multiple banking/checking accounts at the same bank?

    No problem – upon your initial connection to your bank, you can decide which banking accounts to connect to which general ledger account.

  • Where can I learn more about Plaid’s security?

    You can read more about Plaid’s security on their security page.