Microsoft Power BI

Visualize your data with Business Intelligence with AccountEdge and Power BI

Microsoft Power BI
Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports

Create graphs, charts, maps and more with the latest data from your AccountEdge company file. Use filters to visualize changes in data sets by date, customer, vendor, item or any other field.

Centralized Data

Centralized Data

Using Power BI for your business allows you to bring your data from multiple sources into one place. Giving you more complete and powerful insights into your business.

Personalized Dashboards

Personalized Dashboards

A fully customizable, intuitive, and interactive dashboard instead of one-size-fits-all solution. Create multiple dashboards for specific teams or departments.

Easy to Use

Get started quickly without any required training or coding. Integrates with other Microsoft apps like Excel, Teams, and more.

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Examples of AccountEdge and Power BI Integration

  • Create a map of your customers and highlight the top 10 in sales dollar volume
  • Create a list of of your most popular items in dollars or units sold
  • Create a report showing your top customers by sales by quarter by year

New Export Reports

We’ve created a new Export for Reports, Transactions and Data for use exclusively with Power BI. All the headers have been stripped out making these exports perfectly formatted for use as Power BI data sources or within Excel for additional analysis and reporting.

Get Started for Free

Sign up for Microsoft Power BI for free and see how powerful your AccountEdge Reports can be.


  • How much does Microsoft Power BI cost?

    There is no cost for the integration between AccountEdge and Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Power BI is available for free with optional upgraded plans starting at $10/user/month.

  • What email addresses are supported?

    Power BI requires that you use a work or school email address. Meaning that you can not use common person email address like,,, and others. If you don’t have an email address with your business domain, learn about the alternative ways you can sign up here.