Payroll in AccountEdge

AccountEdge Payroll is robust and full-featured. Here’s a look at just some of the ways AccountEdge Pro accommodates your payroll needs, along with a look at payroll tax update services.

Payroll Processing

Process your payroll and print paychecks, or directly deposit your employees' checks electronically, while keeping track of all payroll information in a single location. Pay your employees based on an hourly or salary rate, keep track of payroll taxes and deductions.

Easy Payroll Setup Assistant

We don’t leave you hanging. The AccountEdge Payroll Easy Setup Assistant will walk you through each step of getting your payroll up and running. It will help you load your payroll tax tables, check your payroll year, set up your default payroll information and the general ledger accounts you want to use for payments and expenses, and your payroll categories. It also walks you through setting up your employee cards with all their details, and timesheets if you use them.

Once you complete the Easy Setup Assistant for payroll, you have your payroll structure in place. As an AccountEdge Payroll Tax Service member, you’ll have easy download access to updated payroll taxes as they change during the year.

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Manage Wage, Deduction, And Expense Categories

AccountEdge lets you manage your employees' payroll wage categories, such as hourly, salary, overtime, and commission, deductions like 401k and health care, sick and vacation time, and expense categories. AccountEdge Pro includes the payroll categories most likely needed, but you can add your own or start new for full customization.

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Employee payroll information is conveniently located on a single card, with drill downs to details, including employer expenses for that employee, payroll history, deductions, wages, accruals, taxes and personal details.

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Easily track employee time either by filling in the timesheet, using recurring pay, or copying from the previous timesheet. Optionally, use AccountEdge Connect to let employees or contractors enter time remotely, to be synced back to AccountEdge desktop.

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Pay Employees

Select to pay all employees based on pay schedule criteria and time frames, or pay individual employees.

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Review and Edit Paychecks

Before recording payroll, AccountEdge Pro provides opportunities to review and edit individual employee paychecks, and to preview a paycheck report for the payroll criteria selected.

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Print Paychecks and Email or Print Pay Stubs

AccountEdge Pro lets you print paper checks, print or email pay stubs, and has an optional Direct Deposit service to send checks electronically.

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Customize Paychecks

AccountEdge Pro allows you to customize your checks by adding and moving fields, adding text fields, and inserting images, logos and shapes.

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Pay Employer Liabilities

Pay accrued payroll liabilities, such as deductions, expenses, or taxes for a selected period by selecting the category and amount you want to include.

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Payroll Reports

21 payroll reports help you keep track of your liabilities and compliance, employee details and summaries, employer accruals details and summaries and more.

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Prepare Payroll Tax Forms

Process your W2s and W3s with AccountEdge Pro. If you want access to over 330 more federal and state forms to be filled out directly from AccountEdge Pro, we offer an optional Payroll Forms Service.

What You Need for Payroll

Payroll Tax Service

In order to assure payroll tax compliance for your employees and yourself, you’ll need to enroll in an AccountEdge Payroll Tax Service. This provides in-product download access to federal, state and local payroll tax updates as they change, often several times during a year.

Payroll tax updates are provided for the current version software. If an upgrade is released while you are a member, we will provide that upgrade to you so that you can stay current with payroll tax updates. Payroll Tax Services are offered with and without phone support and are available with monthly or annual billing. See pricing.

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Optional Payroll Tools

payroll forms service icon Payroll Forms Service

Process your W2s and W3s with AccountEdge Pro. If you want access to over 330 more federal and state forms to be filled out directly from AccountEdge Pro, we offer an optional Payroll Forms Service. Once signed up, you’ll be able to choose your form from within AccountEdge Pro, and have it completed with the data supplied from AccountEdge. Learn More.

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E-Filing is an optional add-on to the Payroll Forms Service and allows for single form eFiling or package pricing for 70% off individual filing pricing. eFiling completes your forms from the information in AccountEdge. Learn More.

what's new image Direct Deposit

Pay your employees from within AccountEdge and deposit the funds directly into their checking account. Your transaction will be posted into AccountEdge. Direct Deposit requires a Merchant Account. See pricing.

what's new image Payroll Guide

Learn step-by-step procedures for processing payroll in AccountEdge with this payroll guide, written by a certified AccountEdge consultant. Buy now.

what's new image AccountEdge Full Service Payroll

If you would rather outsource your payroll, AccountEdge Full Service Payroll offers online payroll. Once set up, you simply log in to review and confirm your payroll. Your payroll taxes will be paid accurately and on time, and you’ll have online access to payroll reports. Get a price quote.

what's new image AccountEdge Connect

A Cloud collaboration tool for AccountEdge, AccountEdge Connect lets users enter many tasks online to by synced back to AccountEdge desktop. This includes time billing information so that employees and contractors can enter their time from the job location. Learn More.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Get with a Payroll Tax Service?

Payroll taxes change often during a year. A Payroll Tax Service provides access to federal, state and local payroll tax updates as they change. You will get a notice in AccountEdge Pro when a new payroll tax update is available for download. These payroll tax updates are provided for the current version software, so if an upgrade is released while you are a member, we will provide that upgrade to you so that you can stay current with payroll tax updates.

Does the Payroll Tax Service include support?

Payroll Tax Services Plans offer free email support while on an active subscription. Telephone support is available to purchase as an optional add on.

How do I sign up for Payroll Tax Service?

Payroll Tax Services are available for purchase on your My Account page.

Are there enrollment requirements for Payroll Tax Service?

Yes. You need to be on the current version AccountEdge Pro software to enroll in a Payroll Tax Service. Payroll tax updates are available for the current version software only, so a payroll membership provides you with any AccountEdge Pro upgrades you may need to stay current with payroll tax updates.

Can I manually change the payroll taxes in AccountEdge without a Payroll Tax Service?

You cannot change the payroll tax tables in AccountEdge, but you always have use of your payroll module. You are able to override the tax amount on a paycheck. We recommend a Payroll Tax Service to assure tax compliance for your employees.

What is Payroll Forms Service?

Payroll Forms Service provides access to over 300 federal and state tax forms from within AccountEdge. This is a separate and different service from Payroll Tax Services. Payroll Forms Service will use the data from AccountEdge, including payroll taxes as updated from a Payroll Tax Service, to complete tax forms.

What is AccountEdge Full Service Payroll?

Full Service Payroll is an online service that completes your payroll for you. After initial setup, you provide the payroll information for each employee, review payroll online and confirm it. Full Service Payroll processes it for you, paying your employees by direct deposit. Full Service Payroll also deposits and files your federal, state and local taxes. You will get a file to import into AccountEdge to update your transaction journal with your payroll information. You do not need a Payroll Tax Service for Full Service Payroll.


Buy the Payroll Tax Service that suits your needs, or get a price quote for Full Service Payroll.

Payroll Tax Service

Starts at $15/month

Payroll Tax Service Plus Support

Starts at $25/month

Full Service Payroll

  • Outsource your payroll
  • Save time

Payroll Add-On Pricing

Add to your payroll tax service plan with premium resources and services

Direct Deposit

  • $0.99/transaction
  • $14.95/month
  • AccountEdge integration
  • Checks are remotely processed and prepared
  • Reduce charges associated with lost/stolen checks and stop payments
  • Detailed pricing and FAQ available

Payroll forms

  • $99/year single company
  • $149/year multi company
  • AccountEdge integration
  • Print completed state & federal reports (941, too)
  • Forms are auto updated quarterly
  • eFile package (optional)

Efile Services

  • Package pricing available
  • $0.99/employee (W2 eFile)
  • Easy and affordable state & federal eFiling with package sizes that fit your business
  • Just need to eFile W2s?

Payroll Guide

  • by Dick Hope
  • $49 each
  • This guide will take you step-by-step through setting up AccountEdge payroll to meet even the most demanding requirements

Must be on current version software to enroll in Payroll Tax Services. Payroll Tax Service Plans are non-refundable, and are renewed automatically. Plans renewed monthly require a minimum of one-year enrollment, subject to a charge if withdrawn earlier. Complimentary upgrades are provided as released during membership, with no warranty to any schedule. For more information, see Terms and Conditions.

Promotional discounts are sometimes offered for an initial purchase of a payroll tax service plan purchased at the same time as a new or upgrade AccountEdge Pro product. In this case, the product must be put into the cart first and the payroll tax update service added on the same order. Initial enrollment applies to new services and services reinstated after having lapsed, and requiring the purchase of an upgrade. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

Due to risk factors associated with providing Direct Deposit, a 1-day hold is put on your transactions, starting the first business day after you submit your transactions. For example, if you have a Friday payroll, you must process it by Wednesday 7:30 PM EST for your employees to have access to their funds on Friday morning. Application approval required. Transaction fees apply.

Payroll Forms Service does not provide payroll tax tables. Payroll tax tables and on-going updates are available through Payroll Tax Service.

Get pricing details and minimums for W-2 eFiling.

AccountEdge Pro customers subscribed to Full Service Payroll at the time of an AccountEdge Pro upgrade release are eligible for a free upgrade.