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AccountEdge Connect

Zapier allows you to link AccountEdge Connect with thousands of web apps to create custom workflows using your accounting data.*

Available in the latest version of AccountEdge.

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Open a whole new world of integrations

Share data by automating workflows based on triggers and actions. Simply sign up for a Zapier account, select Create Zap from the Dashboard and define your Trigger (an event that starts your Zap). For example, “Customer” will trigger when a new customer is added. This is what starts the Zap.

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Link AccountEdge Connect to pass data between your apps with Zaps

Connect your Zapier account to AccountEdge Connect to enable your data to move around with your custom Zaps.

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Build processes faster and get more done

Create Zaps to help you create new workflows and share data between AccountEdge Connect and thousands of web apps.

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Finish routine tasks automatically

Set up your Zaps so your triggers and actions complete automatically. For example, when you have a new customer from a sale, create a Zap to update MailChimp to add the customer to your email marketing campaigns. The power of Zapier is in setting up your events and triggers for an action to take place all on its own.

Available Triggers and Actions

  • Trigger

  • Customer

    New Customer is created

  • Update Customer

    Customer record is updated

  • Lead

    New Lead is created

  • Update Lead

    Lead record is updated

  • Vendor

    New Vendor is created

  • Trigger

    • Update Vendor

      Vendor record is updated

    • Sales Order & Quote

      New Sales Order & Quote created

    • Sales Invoice

      New Sales invoice is created

    • Purchase Order

      New Purchase Order is created

  • Action

    • Create Vendor
    • Update Customer
    • Update Vendor
    • Search Customer
    • Search Vendor

Zapier for AccountEdge Connect

Learn how to connect your Zapier account to AccountEdge Connect to help you share data between AccountEdge Connect and thousands of web apps.

  • * AccountEdge Connect subscription required.