Banking in AccountEdge Basic

Spend and receive money, prepare bank deposits, and print checks. Reconcile your bank accounts to make sure everything is accounted for.

Track money you spend

The spend money feature lets you write checks for bills, donations, and basic receipts.

Reconcile accounts using your bank statements

Download your banking and credit card statements into AccountEdge and reconcile against your accounts to ensure your account balances are accurate and up to date.

Receive money without creating a sales order

Like spend money, receive money lets you record money received without the need of a sales order, like received rebates or donations.

Prepare bank deposits

Transfer undeposited funds to the appropriate bank account in AccountEdge.

Print checks

Create spend money transactions in AccountEdge, and then print the checks using your office printer.

Send payment notifications

When you make an electronic payment or cut a check, you can email or print a payment notification to your vendors at the same time.

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