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End of Period Procedures

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support_knowledge_base Checking your Company File for Errors
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Checking your Company File for Errors

Checking your Company File for Errors

Verify Company File

In addition to having your company file automatically checked for errors before creating a backup, you can check your company file any time you choose.

By checking your company file for errors, you can catch minor problems in the file before they cause serious problems.

If you share your company file on a network, you should note that this task requires single‑user access. You must be the only user logged into your AccountEdge Company File.

  1. Go to File on the top menu bar, select Verify Company File… from the dropdown
  2. Click OK to confirm that you want to verify your company file

A message will appear with your verification results when it is finished.

If no errors were found, click OK to end the verification process.

If your company file is corrupt, you can attempt to fix the company file by optimizing it and repeating the verification steps above to check if the errors have been fixed. If that does not fix your file, restore the company file from your most recent healthy backup.

  1. Click OK when finished
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