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Customize Forms

support_knowledge_base Forms Basics
support_knowledge_base Forms Basics
support_knowledge_base Customize Checks
support_knowledge_base Customize Invoices
support_knowledge_base Customize Receipts
support_knowledge_base Customize Payment Notifications
support_knowledge_base Customize Statements
support_knowledge_base Customize Purchase Orders
support_knowledge_base Customize Mailing Labels
support_knowledge_base Customize W-2 and W-3
support_knowledge_base Customize 1099 and 1096
support_knowledge_base Customize T4 and RL-1
Forms Basics

Forms Basics


You can change the look and content of printed checks, invoices, pay stubs, purchases, packing slips, and more. Once you customize your form, you can save it so that you can select it when you print or email the form later on.

Customizing forms in AccountEdge makes it easy to use pre-printed checks and forms you already have for your business. Make the necessary edits to the default form and save the template for use later.

You can customize the following forms in AccountEdge:

  • Checks
  • Paychecks
  • Receipts
  • Payment Notifications
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Purchase Orders
  • Pay Stubs
  • Deposit Slips
  • Mailing Labels
  • W2s and W3
  • 1099s and 1096

Sharing Customized Forms on a Network

Customized forms are saved to the Forms folder on your local computer. If you share a company file across a network and you want other users to be able to access the customized forms you create:

  1. Copy the customized form from your local folder to the Forms folder on the host computer.
  2. Then, copy the forms to the Forms folder on each workstation that accesses the company file.

NOTE: Back up the forms folder before customizing any forms so you can always revert to the originals if needed.

AccountEdge Checks and Forms

Need to order checks and forms? With business and check printing services from AccountEdge Checks and Forms, you can pay your vendors and your employees quickly and easily. Featuring the latest looks in manual business checks, computer checks, and high-security business checks, AccountEdge Checks and Forms can help you achieve a sleek, professional look.

AccountEdge Checks and Forms has:

  • AccountEdge compatible checks
  • AccountEdge compatible deposit slips
  • Custom checks
  • Tax forms
  • Invoices, statements, and purchase orders
  • Multi-purpose forms
  • Business form envelopes
  • Packing slips

If you see a default customized check or form that you like in AccountEdge, you can purchase the compatible check or form from AccountEdge Checks and Forms. For example, if you wanted to use the Laser/Inkjet Check #960L for your checks, you could purchase the 960L – Multipurpose Top Check from AccountEdge Checks and Forms for a compatible blank check form.


  • Data Field – add data fields or columns
  • Text Field- add a text box
  • Image – add an image
  • Box – add a box
  • Line – add a line
  • Undo – undo the last change
  • Send to Back – send a selected field to back
  • Bring to Front – bring a selected field to the front
  • Fonts – customize your font
  • Properties – change form properties
  • Preview – see a full-page preview of the form
Customize Checks