Acrey’s Photographics – Gallup, New Mexico

Deep snowdrifts hide winter wildlife and frame breath-taking landscapes in Yellowstone. Western Photographic Artist Jack Acrey knows where to find the perfect shots as he leads a photographic expedition through the beauty of America’s first national park. Jack leads his fellow photographers through the winter wonderland, guiding them from one shot-of-a-lifetime to, impossibly, another. Often, they so enjoy their time learning from Jack on one trip through the American west, they immediately sign up to be led through another. And with AccountEdge installed on his desktop and laptop, Jack is ready

With AccountEdge installed on his Mac PowerBook G4 he carries out in the field, Jack Acrey, of Acrey’s Photographics, is ready to take a reservation for his next expedition. Whether he’s deep in the untamed wild of Yellowstone, sitting on the tailgate of his truck at the edge of the uninhabited desert of Death Valley, or working in his New Mexico studio, Jack knows exactly how many spaces he has left for his Oregon Coast Photographic Expedition in July, or his expedition to Monument Valley in October, thanks to AccountEdge.

“I can accept orders and reservations on location from participants and generate an invoice, emailing it to them on the spot,” explains Acrey. “People always seem to witness this convenience and ask me questions about what software I’m using.

“The way I have my inventory set up in AccountEdge, my expeditions and workshops have item numbers assigned to each for accepting reservations without going over the maximum number of participants I state for each. I can even receive orders and reservations from the e-commerce side of my website, right into AccountEdge,” explains Acrey.

Jack runs Acrey’s Photographics with his brother-in-law, James Bland. James handles the sales and marketing arm of the company, including the website. Both Jack and James track inventory and sales information using AccountEdge. Since Jack is in New Mexico and James is based in Texas, they swap the file via email to ensure each has the most up-to-date information.

Jack Acrey has been taking photographs since 1961, and since that time he has built up a formidable resume. He’s taken pictures for the Associated Press in times of combat and disaster. He’s taken photographs for many industries: sports (Indianapolis 500), fashion and cosmetics (Hanes, Calgon, Revlon), and outdoor companies (Arctic Cat, Suzuki). He’s also shot for editorial publications (Glamour, Vogue, Playboy).

It was a trip to Dillon, Colorado that opened Jack’s eyes to all the west has to offer. On assignment for his illustrative advertising company, Jack was “mesmerized by the Rocky Mountains.” He returned to his home in the Midwest, sold his company, and moved to Colorado. It was 1971, the same year he founded Acrey’s Fine Art Photography.

Fast-forward to 2006, and Acrey’s Photographics includes two lines of business: guided expeditions and sales of photographic prints. Acrey’s Photographic Expeditions & Workshops, founded in 1978 and set in visually stunning locations throughout the west, are package expeditions in which Jack serves as guide, instructor, and discussion leader. He sells prints of his renowned photographs through Acrey’s Fine Art Photography from his website, through galleries, and even when he’s out on an expedition. And with AccountEdge, he is always up to date on prices and quantities.