AccountEdge lets us do everything ourselves instead of having to outsource pieces of the business.

Stomvi USA – Newhall, CA

Stomvi, headquartered in Spain, designs and manufactures trumpets and mouthpieces, but not just any trumpets and mouthpieces––world-renowned trumpets and mouthpieces.

“Some of our team members were traveling around Europe with a bunch of our trumpet cases, and they were stopped by customs and brought into a room for inspection. The customs agent opened one of the cases, saw it was a trumpet, and amazingly, he produced a trumpet mouthpiece out of his pocket! He put it in the trumpet and started playing. After a while, he paused and said, I heard about these trumpets, and I wanted to play one for myself,” said Kasper Skinsnes, who manages the US operation for Stomvi.

Stomvi uses old world craftsmanship along with math/physics to design their equipment, which, according to Kasper, yields better sounding and easier-to-play instruments.

“We love solving problems and working with trumpet players. We feel like we’re giving back to the community.”

Stomvi USA previously used QuickBooks to manage their California-based US business––until they switched to AccountEdge in 2011. They haven’t looked back.

“We were in search of a more cost-effective, integrated offering. And we’ve been very happy with AccountEdge.”

While Stomvi USA uses AccountEdge to manage all aspects of their business, serialized inventory and integrated payroll were the most critical factors in deciding to switch.

“AccountEdge lets us do everything ourselves instead of having to outsource pieces of the business.”

Stomvi USA’s use of AccountEdge has evolved over the years, trusting more and more core functions to the software, including an integrated AccountEdge merchant account to facilitate credit card payments for their online orders.

“We’re next looking at potentially implementing multi-currency to work more seamlessly with our headquarter in Spain.”

But it’s Kasper’s can-do spirit, whether designing world-class mouthpieces or embracing business process change, that most likely allows Stomvi USA to push the envelope.

“If you can’t have fun doing your accounting or playing your trumpet, I don’t know what kind of life you have.”